The Haunting in Connecticut and Ectoplasm

Apparently the new poster released by Lionsgate for the upcoming The Haunting in Connecticut, which you can see to your right, stirred up quite a bit of conversation and controversy with regard to the paranormal phenomenon known as ectoplasm.

Burrowers DVD Art & Specs!

The final artwork and specs have been release for J.T. Petty’s long-awaited underground monster movie The Burrowers, and you can check out the art on your right. Extras are set to include the following: Commentary by JT Petty and star Karl Geary ”The Burrowers Making a Horror Western” featurette

Heigl Joins Kutcher for Five Killers

Nothing like your marriage being turned on its head when you discover your neighbors may be assassins hired to kill you. I like to think my wife and I are cautiously paranoid, but it’d take a lot to convince even me of that.

Official Haunting in Connecticut Poster & New Stills

The kind folks over at Lionsgate just dumped a slew of info in our laps with regard to The Haunting in Connecticut. To your right you can see the new official poster, and below are some stills.

Bob Sapp Turns Undead Baller in Frankenhood

This one isn't really horror, more an urban comedy with a monstrous twist. But when a movie comes along called Frankenhood about a pair of streetball players that recruit a mad scientist to build them a franken-baller in order to win the big 3-on-3 tournament, I feel that deserves some notice.

Midnight Meat Train, The (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Brooke Shields, Ted Raimi, Roger Bart, Peter Jacobson, Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura

Haunting in Connecticut Comes Early!

Sometimes things get put off forever. Such is the case with many movies that never see the light of day. Thankfully, every now and again things hit the fast track and there's cause to rejoice!

Warlock: The Comic Series?

How odd is it that we just happened to randomly mention Warlock during the last Dinner for Fiends, and then all of a sudden news pops up about a new comic being created based on the film series? And people say we’re not trendsetters.

Lionsgate to Release Slaughter High Uncut!

You know, after sailing through some troubled waters for the better part of 2008, Lionsgate continues to make amends with horror fans by pulling off some really unexpected DVD coups. Following in the steps of the original My Bloody Valentine (review), the studio is now set to release Slaughter High uncut when it hits store shelves on April 14th.

The Burrowers DVD Details

The latest film from J.T. Petty, The Burrowers, is getting set to make its DVD debut from Lionsgate, and we got some details for ya!

Hulk VS (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring the voices of Fred Tatasciore, Steve Blum, Bryce Johnson, Tom Kane, Grey Delisle Directed by Frank Paur Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Saw Sequel in 3D?

I guess if they want the Saw series to go out with some style, they should be thinking of gimmicks to make sure people actually go see it. Yeah, I know Saw V did over $100 million; it still sucked.

Repo! The Genetic Opera (DVD / Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, Sarah Brightman, Alexa Vega, Terrance Zdunich, Bill Moseley, Ogre, Paris Hilton Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Lionsgate Finds a Lost DVD Collection

It seems Liongate is coming out with a new collection of DVD releases under the banner of it being "The Lost Collection: The best movies you totally forgot about".

Hulk Vs. DVD Details

If there was any doubt that The Hulk is still a force to be reckoned with, the over $135 million domestic box office haul by Ed Norton and Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk (DVD/Blu-ray review here) has proven his incredible staying power as a Marvel comic icon.