Saw VI (2009)

Reviewed by Andrew Kasch Starring Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Shawnee Smith, Shauna MacDonald, Devon Bostick Directed by Kevin Gruetert

Saw VI - The Cast and the Creators Speak

Despite the tagline for Saw V, audiences left theaters last year with only one thing to say: “I can believe how it ends.” But one year and another Saw later, the creators insist that fans will be much happier with the new installment.

Fourth TV Spot - Saw VI

The fourth TV spot for Kevin Greutert's Saw VI has arrived just in time to usher the film into theatres tomorrow. Are you ready to start playing games?

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Saw VI Spoof Boo!

Certainly the Saw series has its fair share of diehard fans, but if anything is ripe for spoofing, it's Lionsgate's annual "never say die" installments of the franchise. And that's exactly what talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his trusty sidekick Guillermo have done in their own version of Saw VI, entitled Boo!

Saw VI Contest Gives You the Goods!

Come this Friday Jigsaw will be up to his neck once again in the blood of others who have wasted their lives, and to celebrate the ever-so-violent passing of these worthless sots, we've got a contest cooking to hook you up with everything you need to witness the violence in style!

Season of the Witch Teases Us with a Trailer

No, we're not talking about the bastard sequel of the Halloween franchise (sorry, no need to get that song stuck in your head) or even the little known George A. Romero flick of the same name. What we have here is the teaser trailer for a new Dominic Sena flick!

Saw VI Cast Video Interviews

Sometimes we sit on things for a while until they're ready to be uncorked. Such is the case with the following interviews we recorded at the SDCC '09 with Saw VI stars Betsy Russell and Costas Mandylor!

Near Dark Blu-ray Features Announced

Breathe a sigh of relief, Near Dark fans! The upcoming Blu-ray release is not a bare bones affair. Now if only someone could perform a last minute change to that god-awful Diet-Twilight box art. Then we could be REALLY happy!

Third Saw VI TV Spot

A third television spot for Lionsgate's Saw VI has surfaced today that sadly reminded me of what gets on my nerves about the series to begin with ... the way that it's edited.

Saw VI: New Image and B-Roll Footage

With just two weeks to go before Kevin Greutert's Saw VI is unleashed upon yet another Halloween horror-loving audience, the behind-the-scenes materials are still coming on hot and heavy.

Saw VII 3D Process Examined

Yep. Even though Saw VI is just days away, we're already talking about Saw VII. Hard to believe but true nonetheless. At the Saw VI press conference today (look for a full report soon), producer Mark Berg spoke a bit about how they're handling the 3D process for the next entry in Jigsaw's long list of games.

Blu-Ray Art and Details: Near Dark, Cujo, and Frailty

Lionsgate is busy dropping more horror onto Blu-ray! This time they're hitting us with three classics to get you going on your high-definition tangent, but be warned -- there could be a really nagging down along with this set of 1080 ups!

Gate, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Christa Denton, Stephen Dorff, Deborah Grover, Carl Kraines, Kelly Rowan Directed by Tibor Takács Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Saw VI: Ready to Play Jigsaw's Game?

As we approach the October 23rd release date of Kevin Greutert's Saw VI, Lionsgate is pulling out all the stops in terms of promotion, including a nifty new game for fans to sink their teeth into. And break them off. And force feed them to someone as a means to prevent immediate death.

Saw VI Featurette with Tobin Bell

His character Jigsaw may be "dead" (in the world of Saw it's always safer include those quotation marks), but that's not stopping Tobin Bell from playing a major role in the promotion machine for Saw VI, as evidenced by the featurette that just showed up on MySpace.