Director Michael J. Bassett Talks Silent Hill: Revelation; Read the Review!

It’s been many years since our last visit to Silent Hill on the big screen, but I find myself returning to the original film often in the comfort of my own home when I’m looking for a moody, atmospheric creepfest… and I know I’m not alone.

New Chat-Happy Silent Hill: Revelation Clip

Alrighty, kids! Time for another clip from this weekend's horror offering Silent Hill: Revelation. It may be a little light on action, but honestly, who doesn't like listening to Sean Bean? Man cannot live on naughty nurses alone!

The Nurses Get Naughty in Latest Silent Hill: Revelation Video

There are plenty of people out there who have a naughty nurse fetish. After watching this latest video for Silent Hill: Revelation, we're not so sure that this is what those folks have in mind. Then again, maybe it's exactly that!

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Celebrates Film's Most Frightening Rabbits

We've got a shitload of lists on this website. Top 10 most brutal women in horror, top buggy movies, top animal attacks; we even recently had top supermarket horror films. But we may have reached another level with this one… Film's Most Frightening Rabbits!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Two Tickets to the L.A. Premiere of Silent Hill: Revelation and More!

Silent Hill: Revelation will be making its L.A. premiere on Wednesday, October 24th, at the Arclight Hollywood, at 7:30PM, and we have a chance for you to win tickets should you be in the area! But wait! That's not all!

Get Nursed by this Latest Silent Hill: Revelation Motion Poster

We are just four days away from the release of Silent Hill: Revelation, and to celebrate, a brand new motion poster has come our way that is bound to send you to the Emergency Room!

CONTEST CLOSED! Silent Hill: Revelation - Get Stuffed with a Cool New Contest!

With the latest chapter in the Silent Hill movie franchise, Silent Hill: Revelation, finally in sight, we have a chance for you right now to win something really cool that should more than get you in the spirit of things - your own Robbie the Rabbit plushie!

More Silent Hill Images Found in the Ash

On tap for you cats right now are three new images from Silent Hill: Revelation, and we've loaded them into a new gallery so you can find all your spooky in one spot! We're good like that sometimes. Other times we're just a bunch of dicks.

Latest Silent Hill: Revelation Clip Should Have Never Come Back

Another clip is here for the next chapter in the Silent Hill movie franchise, Silent Hill: Revelation, and it warns that sometimes, it's better to leave well enough alone. Read on for a look at the goods.

Meet All the Remaining Tributes in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The last few remaining tributes have finally been cast in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and we have a look at all of them right here. Read on to learn who's joining Jena Malone in District 7 and to meet the tributes from Districts 5, 6, and 8-10.

Three Monstrous New Images from Silent Hill: Revelation

Three new stills have come our way for the next chapter in the Silent Hill movie franchise. Read on for another look at Pyramid Head and those ghastly naughty nurses whom we all love so much! Dig it!

Check Out a New Featurette for Silent Hill: Revelation and Forget About this Bland Headline

The time is nearly upon us... in just a couple of short weeks movie audiences will be making their long awaited trip back to the ashy town of Silent Hill when Silent Hill: Revelation heads into theatres, and we have a new featurette to get you primed and ready.

International Silent Hill: Revelation One-Sheet Silenced

It only makes sense that someone out there capitalize on the word "Silent" in the title of Silent Hill and this new international one-sheet for Silent Hill: Revelation does just that! Check it out and remember, mum's the word!

New Silent Hill: Revelation Motion Poster Starts Swinging

With the world of technology and entertainment evolving at a rapid pace, standard poster art is losing its footing as a key piece of promotional material. Though we don't predict its demise any time soon, it's easy to see what direction we're all headed in.

Creepy New Silent Hill: Revelation Stills!

Time to venture back to the town where ash falls from the sky as commonly as Christina Aguilera's massive boobs spill from her clothing. That's right we have, count 'em, three new stills from Silent Hill: Revelation and a poster just waiting for you!