Space Vampires Ready to Once Again Unleash Their Lifeforce

Many folks are unaware of the fact that Tobe Hooper’s 1985 classic Lifeforce, starring Steve Railsback, Patrick Stewart, and Mathilda May, was actually an adaptation of Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel The Space Vampires. Fans of horror on TV are about to be reminded.

Space Vampires Crash-Land in the UK with Arrow Video's Blu-ray Release of Lifeforce

Last June Scream Factory gifted those of us in the States with a Collector's Edition Lifeforce Blu-ray, the film's hi-def debut. Many consider Scream Factory the US answer to UK label Arrow Video, and we're happy to report that Arrow has its own UK Blu-ray release planned!

The Scream Factory Brings Home Lifeforce and The Vampire Lovers in April

Want to talk about being the best at something? Scream Factory is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to awesome editions of vintage horror flicks we know and love. Bless their black hearts. Up next: the art and info for April's release of Lifeforce and The Vampire Lovers.

The Scream Factory Outdoes Itself with the Announcement of Six HUGE Horror Titles Coming to Blu-ray in 2013

The Fog! The Howling! The Burning! Day of the Dead! Night of the Comet! Lifeforce! Coming to Blu-ray in 2013! Thank you, Scream Factory!