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CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Compound Fracture from Dread Central

Should you want to show up at our offices so that we can stomp your bones out through your skin, just name the time, and we're there. Or you could just simply enter this quick contest and score a copy of Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review) on DVD!

Breaking Compound Fracture Release Details

We've been talking about Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review) for a while now, and finally we have the full details pertaining to its May 13th home video release!

Exclusive Artwork Premiere - Compound Fracture

We've been talking about Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review) for a while now, and finally we can announce that the film will be hitting home video on May 13th. Check out this exclusive look at the artwork, and look for the official details soon!

Level 33 Entertainment Gets a Compound Fracture

Mane Entertainment's Compound Fracture (review) has scored itself a distro deal with Level 33 Entertainment, and we cannot wait to finally be able to see this bad boy whenever we want to! Read on for details.

You're Invited to the LA Premiere of Harold's Going Stiff!

The newest zombie-themed horror-comedy on the block is Harold's Going Stiff, which hit On Demand platforms on August 20th. This weekend is the film's big screen LA premiere, and you (yes, you!!) are invited to watch Harold go stiff, free of charge!

A Zombie Takes a Beating in Latest Harold's Going Stiff Clip

Keith Wright's Harold's Going Stiff is on its way to VOD and a limited theatrical release, and to get you geared up for it, we have a new clip ready and waiting! Dig it!

Meet the World's Nicest Zombie When Harold's Going Stiff Arrives on VOD

The UK got a look at Keith Wright's Harold's Going Stiff this past May when it premiered on the Horror Channel, and we here in the States will have the same chance in August when the film gets a VOD and limited theatrical release.

I Didn't Come Here to Die Finally Gets Distribution

Wow, has this one been a long time coming! Level 33 Entertainment will be releasing I Didn't Come Here to Die on home video this coming January, and we have a look at the new artwork for you. Dig it!

My Stepdad's a Freakin' Vampire (2011)

Starring Lachen Anajjar, Larry Peterson, Brandon Martin, John Redmond, Casey Myers Directed by David Matheny

Hey Yo! No Disrespect but My Stepdad's a Freakin' Vampire!

Here I am, tryin' to figya out just how come every time I bring a chick home she ends up with the hots for my mom's new guy. Then it dawned on me ... My Stepdad's a Freakin' Vampire. It all makes sense now, ya know?