Len Wiseman

Total Recall Viral Art Explosion

If you've been driving around a big city lately, you probably have seen all of the billboard and bus shelter artwork for Total Recall. If not, don't worry; we've got you more than covered as we have the whole enchilada right here in one place! Dig it!

Total Recall Remake Goes Viral

If you're in a big city like Los Angeles or New York, you've probably seen some viral posters popping up for Len Wiseman's new take on Total Recall which promises to make fantasy into reality. They may need this service for the box office when it comes time.

Several New Total Recall Stills Remind You that There's No Mars

We reminded ourselves to let you know that Sony has updated the official Total Recall website with new stills. Then we reminded ourselves to let you know that Sony has updated the official Total Recall website with new stills.

Two New Stills From Total Recall Sit Back and Take Aim

As part of its Summer Movie Preview, Entertainment Weekly scored two new stills from the upcoming Mars-less remake of Total Recall, and yes, we have them for you right here.

New Total Recall Image Arrives Guns Blazing

Well here we are, kids. Another look at the Mars-less new Total Recall flick, and though it looks pretty action-packed, we can't help but miss Kuato and the three-boobed hooker.

Take a Look Behind-the-Scenes of Total Recall

And the hype wheel is spinning quite nicely in terms of the Mars-less remake of Total Recall, and next on tap for you cats is a peek inside the proceedings along with interviews from Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, and Kate Beckinsale!

The Full Total Recall Trailer is Here Free of Three-Boobed Space Hookers

Get ready to tune in for what is easily the best damned trailer for a remake of Johnny Mnemonic you could ever hope to see. Not really, but it's pretty similar.

New Total Recall One-Sheet and Motion Art Blow in from the Fringe

Just 24 short hours after we showed you cats the teaser trailer for the teaser trailer for the Total Recall remake, we've come up with some nifty motion art and the first one-sheet! Dig it!

Teaser for a Trailer for Total Recall

Taking a page from the Prometheus and Twilight playbooks, a teaser for the trailer of the Mars-less remake of Total Recall has hit the Interwebs, and as always we have it for ya right here. Look for the full trailer to arrive on April 1st.

Exclusive Interview: Len Wiseman Talks Underworld: Awakening, Gives Total Recall Update and More

Dread Central recently caught up with writer/producer/franchise creator Len Wiseman, who graciously took a few moments out from working on his director's cut of Total Recall to chat with us about Underworld: Awakening (review here), the latest entry in the series that began back in 2003 with a then up-and-coming Wiseman at the helm.

Official Total Recall Plot Details Make Their Way Online. Or Are We Just Dreaming It?

So the question beckons... just how different will this new version of Total Recall be in comparison to the blast that was the Arnold Schwarzenegger running rampant on Mars flick? Pretty damned different. Read on for your first look at the official synopsis.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Total Recall Teaser Art Debuts

Nothing says "See This Movie" quite like text on a black background. If you're headed to the San Diego Comic-Con looking for some Total Recall-themed eye candy, that's all you're gonna get!

Jessica Biel Gets Dirty on the Set of Total Recall

Here's one for you guys out there looking to get a glimpse of the Mars-less Total Recall remake ... the first behind-the-scenes images of both Jessica Biel and star Colin Farrell have made their way online, and we have every just-standing-around pixel of 'em for ya!

More Total Recall Casting: John Cho to Play a Smooth Talker

And one more actor has joined the ranks of Len Wiseman's Total Recall redux: John Cho, better known as Harold of Harold & Kumar and as Demetri in the short-lived "FlashForward". He's signed to play McClane, a smooth-talking rep for the mind-messing company that tempts Colin Farrell’s Douglas Quaid to implant fantastic memories into his brain.

Quatto Lives in Total Recall Remake

Well, we may not be getting a trip to Mars, and it's still unclear as to whether or not the famed three-boobed chick will appear; however, we do know that at least one mutant will be making his way into the Total Recall redux.