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Odd City Reveals its Trick 'r Treat Limited Edition Print to Commemorate Upcomng Screening/Live Stream

Fans of Michael Dougherty's cult classic Trick 'r Treat have another way to celebrate this film's theatrical screening / panel / live stream this coming Monday, October 28th, as Odd City Entertainment is releasing a limited edition print to commemorate the event!

Attendees Announced for the Beyond Fest Online Screening and Panel of Trick 'r Treat

A few days ago we told you about Legendary Pictures partnering with Beyond Fest for a one-night only theatrical screening of Trick 'r Treat that includes a panel and online component. Today we know who'll be there.

Good Morning Godzilla - More Casting News and First New Monster Named

In our never-ending quest to bring you every sliver of Godzilla-related news, we've got some more cast additions to report on as well as the name of one of the other beasts Big G will be battling in Legendary's newest flick!

Exclusive Interview with Trick 'r Treat Writer/Director Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty gave us something good to eat with his feature directorial debut, Trick 'r Treat. While several horror movies have been situated on or around the holiday of Halloween (John Carpenter's Halloween itself of course...

Trick 'r Treat Theatrical Screening and Panel to Close Beyond Fest; See it Streaming Live!

The legend of Halloween cult horror classic Trick 'r Treat is about to reach another milestone. Legendary Pictures has partnered with Beyond Fest for a one-night only theatrical screening of the movie. But wait! There's more...

More Godzilla Casting News Stomps On In

Now that the release of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla is drawing closer, more casting news has come in the form of The Wolverine's Ken Yamamura, Raj K. Bose (Battleship), and Christian Tessier (Battlefield: Earth).

Good Morning Godzilla - Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen Talk Godzilla

Just as the headline suggests, stars Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen took part in an interview regarding a little movie no one has ever heard of called Godzilla, and we have the video for ya right here! Dig it!

See the Godzilla Comic-Con Teaser Trailer While You Can!

It's taken some time for this video to leak, and it's getting pulled down in a hurry everywhere. So act fast if you want to see it. Don't be surprised if it's already gone by the time you hit PLAY.

Godzilla FINALLY Revealed! See it Here While You Can!

Not sure how long this is gonna be allowed to stay online, but the look of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla has been revealed during a licensing expo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Check it out here while you can!

Thor's Tom Hiddleston Gets Loki On Crimson Peak

A few days ago we told you the Benedict Cumberbatch had left Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak. Today his replacement has been named as Thor villain Tom Hiddleston has joined the stellar cast.

Pacific Rim Blu-ray and DVD Details Arrive

Warner Bros. has sent over the official word on the Blu-ray/DVD release of Guillermo del Toro's monster mash Pacific Rim, and we have your details right here like a giant tick on a Kaiju. Or something like that. Anyway.... read on!

Pacific Rim Is on Its Way Home to Blu-ray in Style!

Word has come that Guillermo del Toro's monster mash Pacific Rim is on its way home to Blu-ray and DVD after racking up over $400 million worldwide at the box office, and we've got a look at the artwork and even some special collector's edition packaging for you!

Godzilla vs. Desplat Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

Legendary Pictures' Godzilla has locked down a composer in Alexander Desplat, who worked on two Best Picture winners (Argo, The King’s Speech). We cannot wait to hear his symphony of destruction! Is it next year yet?

Universal's Dracula Moves to October 2014

As a result of the Legendary Pictures / Universal deal, Dracula, starring Luke Evans, has gotten itself a new release date. Originally set for August 8, 2014, the flick will now be flying into theatres on October 3, 2014.

Legendary Puts the Bite on Dracula Before Heading to Jurassic Park

Now that Legendary Pictures has teamed with Universal, they're looking to bare their fangs for all to see by coming aboard the studio's latest spin on Dracula. Yep, not even sunlight or crucifixes can keep the OG vamp's popularity at bay! But wait! That's not all!