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Godzilla Cast Grows by One

Another actor has joined the cast of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla, and we have the skinny on who's gonna be standing tall in the face of carnage caused by a gigantic fire-breathing behemoth.

Jessica Chastain Facing Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak

And the truly stellar casting news continues for the next film Guillermo del Toro is directing for Legendary Pictures, Crimson Peak. Read on to find out just who the next folks moving into this big screen haunted house will be.

Good Morning Godzilla: Images from the Airport Location and More!

So you have a giant creature rampaging through your city, right? The logical thing to do would be to get the hell out of Dodge. Some more images from the set of the now filming Godzilla take us into an airport and more!

Star Trek's Benedict Cumberbatch Climbing Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak

Though he's best known right now for being the big bad in the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, we'll always love Benedict Cumberbatch for his roles as Sherlock Holmes and Danny Boyle's Frankenstein Monster. However, that may just change...

Good Morning Godzilla: New Behind-the-Scenes Video and Images

Time once again to start your morning off with some behind-the-scenes goodness from the set of the now filming new take on Godzilla courtesy of some camera-happy Canadians. Check out the goods right here with your coffee and a donut!

Absolutely Incredible Godzilla 2014 Fan Art

Here at Dread Central we are very fan-centric. You guys are the reason we're allowed to exist so we try to spotlight your work as much as we can. Every now and again we come across something a fan has done that is nothing short of stellar. This is one of those times.

Good Morning Godzilla: Video Blow Out!

You better believe we're looking to bring you every ounce of Godzilla coverage that we can. Our mission... let nothing slip by. That being said, we have several new videos in and around the set of the new flick, which is shooting now in Canada.

Godzilla - About 7 Minutes of Footage From the Set

More paparazzi footage from the Canadian set of Godzilla has made its way onto YouTube, and as always our feelers have been out scouring and we made the catch. Time for you cats to mobilize like the military and check it out!

First Film Footage from the Set of Godzilla

The first footage of the military mobilizing and reporting for duty from the set of the now filming Godzilla has arrived, and as always we're there to make the catch and bring it to you folks who are monstrously hungry. Dig it!

More Godzilla Casting News Stomps Our Way

Some more new blood has been injected into the cast of Legendary Pictures latest take on the king of the monsters, Godzilla. Actor Victor Rasuk has joined the cast which already includes a bevy of heavy hitters.

Update on Classic Godzilla Actor Akira Takarada's Role in New Godzilla Film

We're still floating on air thanks to the news that legendary actor Akira Takarada, who had a role in several Godzilla films including the original, has landed a part in Legendary Pictures' take on the exploits of Big G. And now some light has been shed on what part Takarada will play.

Mission Accomplished! Classic Godzilla Actor Akira Takarada Gets a Role in New Godzilla Film!

A couple of weeks ago we were one of the few sites to get behind the worthwhile movement to get classic Godzilla actor Akira Takarada a role in the new Godzilla movie, which is now filming in Canada. We made some noise. You made some noise. Well, guess what?

First Look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the Set of Godzilla

Our friends over at Just Jared have just gotten their claws into a slew of paparazzi pics featuring star Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the set of Godzilla in full combat gear and more. Check it out!

The Military Gets Mightier with More Godzilla Casting

The cast of Legendary Pictures' take on the Toho-created monster Godzilla continues to grow with the addition of Richard T. Jones as a "military figure." Sure, that's not much to go on, but all will be revealed soon enough.

New Godzilla Set Video Home to Destruction

Oh, the sweet sight of destruction and carnage. And knowing a giant fire-breathing behemoth is the culprit of all this devastation just warms our black little hearts. Strap in, kids, as it's time for another video from the set of Godzilla.