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Q&A with The Walking Dead Art Director Doug Fick; New Season 3 Behind-the-Scenes Video

To kick off the week, we have an on-set interview with Doug Fick, art director of "The Walking Dead". Check it out along with a new behind-the-scenes video from the show's upcoming third season.

John Hawkes Talks Passing on Being the Governor of The Walking Dead

There's little doubt in anyone's mind that John Hawkes would have been perfect to play the Governor on AMC's "The Walking Dead." Little doubt in anyone's head but his apparently. Read on to find out why the actor passed on what could have been a banner role.

The Walking Dead - In Memory of Season 2's Finale Fatalities

The bloodbath finale of "The Walking Dead" Season 2 is still reverberating through the hallowed hallways of Dread Central. Many rose to the occasion, and quite a few fell. And then fell some more. And then fell some more. And then fell some more...

Danai Gurira Talks Playing Michonne in The Walking Dead Season 3

We're still all buzzing about the appearance of Michonne, who will be played by Danai Gurira, at the end of "The Walking Dead" Season Two finale. Read on for an idea of what to expect from her...

The Walking Dead's Showrunner Glen Mazzara Wraps Up Season 2, Teases Season 3 and More

If like us you're still reeling over the amazing season finale of "The Walking Dead", then you'll want to see what showrunner Glen Mazzara has to say about the finale, potential new characters and what fans can expect in Season 3, which kicks off next October. (Oh, the pain!)

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Highest Rated of the Series; Cast Looks Ahead to Season 3 in New Video

If last night's Season 2 finale of "The Walking Dead" didn't silence the naysayers, well, then, we suspect nothing will. It was the highest rated episode in the series' history and brought the gory goods like we haven't seen since Season 1. Now it's time to look ahead in a new cast video.

The Best Kept Secret of The Walking Dead Season 2 REVEALED!

Let us be clear... if you have NOT seen the Season 2 finale of "The Walking Dead," DO NOT READ THIS STORY! If you have... holy shit! It was like the joygasm heard around the world. Read on!

Q&A with The Walking Dead's Showrunner Glen Mazzara

In anticipation of tonight's season finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead", Dread Central recently had the opportunity to take part in a conference call with showrunner Glen Mazzara, who chatted about what you can expect from tonight's episode, Season 3, and more about the virus itself.

Michael Rooker Back for The Walking Dead Season Three

With the final episode of Season Two of "The Walking Dead" hitting AMC tomorrow and Season Three going before cameras for 16 episodes, one question has remained on everyone's minds - Where's Daryl's brother Merle (Michael Rooker)?

The Walking Dead: Q&As with Michael Zegen, Jon Bernthal, and Robert Kirkman; Clip and Photos from Episode 2.13 - Beside the Dying Fire

Last night on "The Walking Dead" the event fans of the comic have been waiting for finally occurred, and it was just as sweet as we hoped it would be! But before we take a peek at the season finale to see how everyone is coping, here's a quick Q&A with guest star Michael Zegen.

The Walking Dead: Q&A with IronE Singleton (T-Dog); Another Clip from Episode 2.12 - Better Angels

Has everyone recovered from the shock of last night's ep of "The Walking Dead"? Well, the power-that-be aren't about to slow down and give us time to catch our breath. On tap for today we have a chat with IronE Singleton (aka T-Dog) and another sneak peek of Episode 2.12, "Better Angels".

A Few Sneak Peeks of The Walking Dead Episode 2.12 - Better Angels

While we wait for our therapist to return our phone call following tonight's stunning episode of "The Walking Dead", we thought we'd take our mind off events of this week by looking ahead to next week so here are a few sneak peeks of Episode 2.12, "Better Angels".

AMC Inadvertently Spoils Next Several Episodes of The Walking Dead

Hey! You smell that foul stench? No, it isn't one of the many rotting walkers that are shambling about in AMC's "The Walking Dead". Instead, that's the scent of someone who's about to get into BIG trouble!

More Previews of The Walking Dead Episode 2.11 - Judge, Jury, Executioner

The last few episodes of AMC's "The Walking Dead" have been pretty friggin' stellar, and that trend looks to continue on in next week's episode, "Judge, Jury, Executioner". Check out the latest previews courtesy of "Talking Dead" and Spoiler TV.

The Walking Dead: Q&A with Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene); Clips and Photos from Episode 2.11 - Judge, Jury, Executioner

If last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" is any indication, Shane appears to be inching closer to his fate as depicted in the comics. But first here are a Q&A with Lauren Cohan (Maggie), and a few clips and photos from the upcoming Episode 2.11, "Judge, Jury, Executioner".