Last Toys on the Left

Hot Toys Acquires Resident Evil 5 License

We don't have a lot of details other than the teaser image below, but Nomad just sent over an update from the marketing team at Hot Toys letting us know that the company has acquired the Resident Evil 5 (or Biohazard 5 as it's known in Japan) license from Capcom and will be releasing 1/6th scale collectible figures under their Video Game Masterpieces Series.

SOTA Toys Brings Death to Life

You've just gotta love SOTA Toys. As soon as it seems they've reached the pinnacle of badassery, they drop another cool figure on us that absolutely must become part of our collections.

Take a Ride With Mezco's Hell Rods!

Do you remember the great Frankenstein Flivver? No? Well look it up and get some culture, man! Hot-rods and monsters go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly (minus the botulism of course), and Mezco Toyz is looking to bring these speed demons to a whole new audience.

Closer Look at Hot Toys' Dutch Figure

It was the end of December when we got our first good look at Hot Toy's upcoming line of Predator action figures, and now, thanks of course to Nomad, we have ten more photos to show you, all of Schwarzenegger's character Dutch. And he's looking quite studly indeed, let me tell you!

Exclusive: Toy Fair '09: Ghostbusters Minimates!

Toy Fair '09 is well under way so you know what that means for the collectors among us -- We've got some exclusive pictures for you to gaze upon! First up -- Ghostbusters Minimates!

NYCC: Twilight Figures Publicly Debut!

There are many, many, things to see and do at this weekend's New York Comic Con, and one sight to take in that could be of interest to you, dear reader, is the public unveiling of the Twilight action figures!

Hot Toys Predator Action Figure Image Blow Out!

Want to kick off the 2009 with some old school ass kicking? Then you NEED to check out our bounty of images of the new Predator collectible figures!

Gentle Giant Animates Freddy!

Man, Gentle Giant just has a knack for creating collectibles that it’s very, very hard to not spend your money on. Of course, that’s their intention, isn’t it? On your right you’ll see the lastest example of Gentle temptation, the Animaquette of Freddy Krueger!

Hot Toys Bringing Home Original Predator

A veritable horde of Predators and Aliens has been released onto our unsuspecting planet via Sideshow Toys who import just about every amazing figure Hot Toys makes. Would it baffle you to now realize there has never been an offering from the original Predator movie?

The Birds Barbie is Here!

I know you’ve all been waiting not so patiently since we first announced that Mattel was making a Birds Barbie, so I’m happy to inform you that she’s finally here! Click here or on the image below to order The Birds Barbie via Evilshop, then come with theories as to why she’s still smiling despite being attacked by murderous avian!

Sideshow's Patient Zero Goes 1:4 Scale?

There's no question Sideshow Collectibles puts out some really cool stuff, my favorite of which has always been their Dead series. Who doesn't want a collection of zombies on their shelf? Now it seems the Dead are going to be getting a little bigger!

NECA's Trick 'R Treat Sam Figure

With all the buzz surrounding Warner Bros. horror anthology Trick 'r Treat it was only a matter of time before someone aside from Sideshow made a figure out of the film's main evil entity, Sam, and is it any surprise that that someone is NECA?

Twilight Dolls Coming Soon

Well it was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Twilight dolls are now on their way so let's get ready to accessorize, shall we? *Cues the incessant and shrill swooning of fifteen-year-old girls everywhere*

Paquet Opens His Cabinet of Curiosities

The name William Paquet will be a familiar one to our readers who like to go elbow deep into the world of garage kits. Beyond that, the man has churned out phenomenal work for DC Direct, NECA and Dynamic Forces, solidifying his place as one of the premier sculptors in pop culture collectibles.

The Saddest Devil Needs a Hug

Emo is infecting our lives, turning what once were scraggly obnoxious punk and metal kids into girl pants wearing, eyeliner smeared weepy piles of goo. Now the emo menace has made its way down to hell, and even the devil himself isn’t safe!! BE AFRAID!!!!