Last Toys on the Left

Toy Fair 08: Master Replicas' Igor & Halo

Last month we pointed you in the direction of the UK Toy Fair, where merchandise from the new CGI movie Igor was being shown off (“Igor and His Toys” – January 2008). Obviously the hunchbacked little scamp didn't stay overseas because he just showed up in New York!

Toy Fair 08: Hellboy & His Gun

We learned through Action Figure today that Sideshow Collectibles is planning on releasing Hellboy's trusty side arm, The Samaritan, again.

Toy Fair 08: Jun Planning!

I’ve honestly never heard of Jun Planning, they may not even be from the U.S. for all I know, but they’re making some damn good-looking Gremlins figures and that’s reason enough to pay attention.

Toy Fair 08: Gentle Giant Studios!

Gentle Giant Studios has been floating around out with the other toy companies for a while now, slowly building a reputation as one of the best when it comes to their design and photo-realistic quality sculpts. So how cool is it that they’re finally getting into horror?

Toy Fair 08: NECA's Gears of War!

NECA’s always been about the players, you know? No, not the playas, rather the players; video game players that is.

Toy Fair 08: Mezco's Cinema of Fear!

All right, so NECA’s stuff is pretty cool, but I can’t help but geek out a bit for Mezco’s Cinema of Fear series. Looks like they’ll be back in force in 2008, as Action Figure just posted the first pics from the upcoming lineup.

Toy Fair 08: NECA's Cult Classics!

The U.S. Toy Fair is in high gear today, while everyone else is taking the day off to celebrate presidents, or whatever we’re supposed to do on President’s Day.

From Marvel Legends to Indie Creeps

Marvel Toys jumps back into the action figure fray after selling the uber rights to the Marvel Comics license to Hasbro. Oddly enough, they no longer make any Marvel Comics Toys. The world is funny. What they do make is an action figure line boasting the articulation, beautiful sculpts and superior paint Marvel Legends was known for, now all working for indie comic characters.

30 Days of Killer Plastic

Hitting the 2007 San Diego Comic Con is always a psychotic ride for any reporter. For someone covering horror toys for Dread Central, to borrow a line from Slither, it’s like finding a needle in a fuck-stack!

Tooned Up Hellboy

Hellboy has existed as an indie comics staple for years now, converting even the most jaded “men in tights” comic collector. Mike Mignola’s gritty style celebrates times of noir shadowed by splash pages seemingly torn right from the Necronomicon itself. Suffice to say, the man is a unique talent.