Last House on the Left

DVD Releases: An Odd Lot

The horror DVDs coming out on Tuesday, February 24th are strange. Some good re-issues, some odd new releases, and a helluva lot of indie and Italian stuff I’ve never heard of. But only one or two, sadly, that I would want for my birthday (which is this weekend, FYI)...

Last House Premiere Report, New Pics!

Last night Dread Central gathered with all the horror outlets for a preview screening of the Last House on the Left remake, which was also attended by producer Wes Craven and stars Monica Potter, Sarah Paxton, and Terminator badass Garret Dillahunt.

Last Poster on the Left

The monstrosities over at STYD got their clawed fingers on the official poster for the Last House on the Left remake, which is set to hit theaters on March 13, 2009, which, you may recall, is a Friday. Spooky.

Last House on the Left, The

March Date for Last House Redux

Not a huge update, but make sure you have your calendars handy; we just got word from Rogue that the Last House on the Left redux will be hitting theaters on March 13th, 2009. Will it be as gritty and nasty as the original? Check out the trailer below and see if that helps answer the question...

Last House on the Left Redux Trailer!

Just the other day we showed you some brand-new images from the upcoming Last House on the Left remake, and now Rogue has released the first trailer for it to get you even more excited!

New Drag Me to Hell, Last House & 25/8 Pics!

Universal just released stills from their 2009 slate of movies and while some of them we’ve seen a thousand times before, like The Wolfman and Cirque du Freak, we do have our first look at Wes Craven’s 25/8 and some new imagery from Last House on the Left and Drag Me to Hell.

New Look at New Last House

German website Blairwitch.de got its hands on a couple of stills from the upcoming remake of The Last House on the Left. The redux of Craven’s classic, which is directed by Greek filmmaker Dennis Ilaidis, is tentatively set for release in the United States in March of 2009.

Last House Collector's Art

The boys over at DVD Active got a very nice look at the cover for the upcoming Special Edition re-release of Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left.

New Last House Edition Planned

As is usually the case, a remake of a classic horror film (in this case the one coming up from Rogue) means a special edition of the original will make its way to DVD. In the case of Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left, it’s a long overdue catch up.

SDCC 08: Craven Updates on 25/8, Last House & More!

Both Nomad and Tristan just checked in with updates from both the Rogue press junket and Tristan’s time with Wes Craven during the roundtable. Subjects ranging from the Last House on the Left remake to Craven’s return to writing and directing, 25/8 were covered, so let’s get to it…

Last House Cast Come Knocking

Sometimes a remake might not be a bad thing. Sure, we've seen plenty of bad ones, made for really bad reasons, but then there are filmmakers out there that just want to improve on an original and sometimes succeed.

New Last House Director Courted

Though we have our own wish list of who should direct the long-discussed remake of Last House on the Left (there are some directors out there with a real vision for a new version), Wes Craven is circling one man in particular to get behind the remake.