Kurt Larson

Exclusive - Check out a Clip from Rondo Award Winning Indie Film Son of Ghostman

We told you it was good! Son of Ghostman, the horror-themed comedy about two rival horror movie hosts, was recently named Best Independent Film by the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Committee, and Kurt Edward Larsen, writer/director of Son of Ghostman, wants to celebrate.

Trailer for Horror Love Letter Son of Ghostman Is Sure to Make You Smile

Our own Scott Hallam recently wrote that Son of Ghostman (review) should without a doubt be watched by all horror fans, despite the fact that it's not really a horror film. Rather, it's a love letter to horror films and the fans like us who simply cannot get enough of them.

Son of Ghostman (2014)

Starring Devin Ordoyne, Angela Gulner, Kurt Larson, Matthew Boehm, Marlon Correa, Sara Tomko Written and directed by Kurt Larson