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Syfy Renews Lost Girl for a Third Season; Sneak Peek of Episode 2.08 - Death Didn't Become Him

We haven't been covering "Lost Girl" much lately, but we did want to pass on the news that Syfy has renewed the hit series (it's the #1 cable drama among Adults 18-49 and 25-54 in its time period) for a third season of 13 episodes, beginning January 2013.

Clips from the Season Finales of Syfy's Being Human (It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To) and Lost Girl (Blood Lines)

Well, this season of "Being Human" on Syfy sure did fly by! Each week the upstart series did the unthinkable by surpassing just about everything that happened in the UK version and standing on its own as one of the best damn genre shows on TV!

Clips from Syfy's Being Human Episode 2.12 (Partial Eclipse of the Heart) and Lost Girl Episode 1.12 ((Dis)Members Only)

Syfy's "Being Human" ended with one hell of a cliffhanger last night. Maybe this preview and clip from next week's Episode 2.12, "Partial Eclipse of the Heart", will shed some light on things. We also have a sneak peek of "Lost Girl" Episode 1.12, "(Dis)Members Only".

Clips from Syfy's Being Human Episode 2.11 (Don't Fear the Scott) and Lost Girl Episode 1.11 (Faetal Justice)

If you're not watching "Being Human" on Syfy, you're missing one of the best possession storylines we've seen since The Exorcist! Check out this clip from next week's Episode 2.11, "Don't Fear the Scott", along with a sneak peek of "Lost Girl" Episode 1.11, "Faetal Justice".

Clips from Syfy's Being Human Episode 2.10 (Dream Reaper) and Lost Girl Episode 1.10 (The Mourning After)

Well, last night's episode of "Being Human" sure took a nasty turn where Sally's concerned, right? And from the looks of things in this clip from the upcoming Episode 2.10, "Dream Reaper", she just might be content to leave things as they are.

Clips from Syfy's Being Human Episode 2.09 (When I Think About You I Shred Myself ) and Lost Girl Episode 1.09 (Fae Day)

We're inching closer to the season finales of "Being Human" and "Lost Girl" on Syfy so expect the action to ramp up. Here's what to expect on March 12th in "When I Think About You I Shred Myself" and "Fae Day".

Sneak Peeks of Next Week's Being Human and Lost Girl on Syfy

Today has gotten away from us a bit timing-wise so to make up for it, we're giving you two stories in one! Read on for a sneak peek of next week's episodes of both "Being Human" and "Lost Girl" on Syfy, entitled "I’ve Got You Under Your Skin" and "Vexed", respectively.

A Sneak Peek of Lost Girl Episode 1.07 - Arachnofaebia

Have a fear of spiders? You're far from alone, and apparently even supernatural beings aren't immune either. Check out a preview and a clip from the upcoming "Lost Girl" Episode 1.07, "Arachnofaebia", on Syfy.

Lost Girl Clips Focus on the Shit Kenzi Says; Season 2 Premiere Date Announced

Just one week after Season 1 of "Lost Girl" ends on April 9th, Syfy will begin running Season 2 episodes (i.e., on April 16th at 10:00 pm). In support of the new 22-episode season, the network has shared with us two highlight videos featuring Bo's sidekick Kenzi.

An Inside Look at Syfy's Lost Girl

The folks at Syfy have sent over an inside look into their new series "Lost Girl", narrated by Anna Silk (Bo) and Zoie Palmer (Lauren). Recap all of your favorite moments and see what else "Lost Girl" has in store throughout the season in this extended preview.

A Sneak Peek of Lost Girl Episode 1.06 - Food for Thought

We'd love to hear from our readers who are watching "Lost Girl" on Syfy what they think of the show, but in the meantime here are a preview and a clip from the upcoming Episode 1.06, "Food for Thought".

A Clip from Lost Girl Episode 1.05 - Dead Lucky

"Lost Girl" seems to be doing pretty well for Syfy, especially with "Being Human" as its lead-in, and in the next episode we'll be getting a bit more back story on lead character Bo. Check out a preview of and a clip from Episode 1.05, "Dead Lucky".

A Clip from Lost Girl Episode 1.04 - Faetal Attraction

We haven't heard much feedback so far regarding Syfy's "Lost Girl" (we have a few episodes recorded but haven't had a chance to watch yet), but hopefully you guys are enjoying it. To help get you ready for next Monday's episode, here's a sneak peek clip from Episode 1.04, "Faetal Attraction".

A Trio of Teasers for Syfy's Lost Girl

With its January 16th premiere date quickly approaching, Syfy has released a few more teaser clips from Canadian import "Lost Girl", and of course we have the full set right here for your viewing pleasure. Since the lead character is a Succubus who feeds off sexual energy, we'd say "pleasure" is the operative word here!

A New Promo Video for Syfy's Lost Girl

We're definitely looking forward to checking out Syfy's new series "Lost Girl" when it premieres next Monday, January 16th, and to help you decide if you'll be watching as well, we have a new promo video/TV spot for the show.