Kevin Smith

Red State Goes VOD in September

Don't have $80.00 to see Kevin Smith's new film Red State during its traveling theatrical run? Who does? In any event, your patience will soon be paying off as you'll be able to take in the flick over Labor Day via VOD.

Two New Red State One-Sheets Turn Everything Upside Down

Don't have eighty bucks to shell out to see Kevin Smith's Red State during his theatrical tour? Well, don't worry, kids, we're not about to charge you to see his two new one-sheets from the film. Though we did think about it.

New Red State Poster Extends the Long Arm of the Law

It's been a while, but Kevin Smith is back with another Red State themed charity poster unveiling, this one showcasing Stephen Root as "Sheriff Wynan". Take a gander inside. And as always it comes with a message from Smith: "If you’re a movie website or film journalist and you want to feature this poster or use it in a story, don’t be a detail-thin dick.

New Trailer for Kevin Smith's Red State and Final Theatrical One-Sheet

A brand spanking new trailer has arrived for Kevin Smith's Red State (review here), and we have it here for you along with the final one-sheet and even a new plot crunch! Dig it!

Meet Mom in First Red State Clip

The first ever clip from Kevin Smith's Red State (review here) is now available despite Smith's anti-press promotional stance, and of course we have every holy pixel of it right here for you to dig upon!

Kevin Smith Removing Ten Minutes from Red State

Kevin Smith's Red State (review here) was the most controversial film shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival. That being said, it was also one of the most maligned as the bad reviews far outweighed the good.

Sundance 2011: Red State Q&A with Kevin Smith and Michael Parks

Fresh off the presses, our Sundance correspondent Kabelson has just sent over a transcript of the Q&A session for Kevin Smith's controversial film Red State (review here). Dig it!

Red State (2011)

Reviewed by Kalebson Starring Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Michael Parks, Kyle Gallner Directed by Kevin Smith

Sundance 2011: See Kevin Smith's Red State Antics for Yourself

Make sure you have some time to kill, as anyone who's ever seen Smith live can tell you the man can talk. And talk. And then talk some more. Video of his Red State antics from Sundance has made its way online via the power of YouTube, and of course we have it here for you all hot and sticky!

Sundance 2011: First Red State Screenings Announced and Hilarious Anti-Protest Protest Coverage

Just hours after Kevin Smith bought his own movie from himself for twenty bucks, the first of his Red State Tour dates have hit online! Oh yeah, about the anti-protest protesters ...

Sundance 2011: Kevin Smith Sells Red State ... To Himself

Well, we knew the screening of Kevin Smith's Red State was going to be a circus, but we didn't see this one coming. As stated by Smith himself, following the film an auction was held for the distribution rights, and they went for ....

Sundance 2011: Kevin Smith's Red State vs. The Westboro Lunatics!

Well it was bound to happen. On Sunday, January 23rd, Kevin Smith's Red State will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Of course the religious perversion known as the Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing out front and jabbering on about their usual nuttiness in the name of their lord.

Sundance 2011: Mordechai Says Prayers in Latest Red State Poster

A new character poster for Kevin Smith's Red State has made its way online in the unusual yet admirable fashion of donating to charity, and we have a look at it for you! Meet James Parks (son of actor Michael Parks) as Mordechai!

Another Red State Character Poster Unveiled - Meet Sarah

Another website has donated $1,000 to charity (this time Eliza Dushku’s THARCE-Gulu cause) for the right to debut a new character poster for Kevin Smith's Red State so get ready to take a look at Sarah as portrayed by the great Melissa Leo.

Sundance 2011: Plot Details for Red State; Kevin Smith Refuses Press

The negative reaction to Cop Out has obviously changed filmmaker Kevin Smith's outlook on film promotion. So much so that he announced today he would not be doing any press at all for his latest film, Red State.