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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Officially Announced as Two Films

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters soon, and no doubt capitalizing a bit on the building anticipation surrounding the franchise, Summit Entertainment confirmed today that the movie's follow-up, Breaking Dawn, will be released as two separate films with the first slated to hit theatres on November 18, 2011.

Original Cullens and Hales All Returning for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, and Nikki Reed have all signed on the dotted line with Summit Entertainment to return for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. What we still don't know, however, is whether the damned thing will be in one installment or two and if it'll be in 3D as rumored.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - The Salary Saga

Once Summit signed Bill Condon to direct The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, everyone has been waiting with bated breath to find out if the final chapter in the Saga would be one film or two. As it turns out, salary negotiations for the possible fifth film have been the hold-up, and not for the actors you might think.

Another New The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Still - The Cullen Men

Now that we're getting closer to the June 30th release date for David Slade's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, more and more photos and other treats are being released by Summit Entertainment. Today we have a still of four of the Cullen men discussing something obviously quite serious.

War of Gods Gets a New Title and Expands Its Cast

Just a few days ago we learned that Stephen Dorff has joined the cast of Tarsem Singh's War of Gods, and now comes word that the project has been renamed and added another actor to its already fairly impressive roster: two-time Oscar nominee John Hurt.

Full Details of The Twilight Saga: New Moon Cast Tour

October 31st, the day on which Twilight fans were able to purchase a commemorative The Twilight Saga: New Moon Tour T-shirt and procure a wristband entitling them to attend the New Moon Cast Tour event in their hometown, has come and gone. Just about all the stops are sold out, but some locations will offer Q&A's open to the public. In addition, we now know exactly who will be where (subject to last-minute changes, of course).

Twilight Saga: New Moon - See the Entire Ulalume: Howling at New Moon Special

Now that fans of The Twilight Saga have had several hours to watch and rewatch the "Bella's Birthday" clip that appeared on MTV's Ulalume: Howling at New Moon, the network has graciously posted the entire special online, and you can watch it right here.

Ghosts of Goldfield (2009)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Kellan Lutz, Marnette Patterson, Roddy Piper, Mandy Amano, Scott Whyte, Chuck Zito, Ashly Rae Directed by Ed Winfield

Casting Call: Want to be in the Elm Street Remake?

The casting call went out today to be an extra in Platinum Dunes' redux of the Wes Craven classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street and if you're in the Chi-town area you could very well fall victim to a set of really sharp razor claws!

Freddy's Going Back To School in Chicago

Chicago is known for many things ... The Cubs, The Bulls, and El Famous Burrito: Home of the Football-sized Burrito. Well, okay that last one is only famous to me -- I had no idea what to do with that huge damned thing! Come May 5th the Windy City will have two more claims to fame when Platinum Dunes begins production there of Sam Bayer's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

More Nightmare on Elm Street Casting News

Some more casting news has broken for Samuel Bayer's remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street starring the previously announced Jackie Earle Haley (Freddy) and Rooney Mara (Nancy). So who's the next bit of meat for the finger-knived beast?