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Vin Diesel Gets Direction in Latest Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking Images

More eye candy from the third Chronicles of Riddick film is here featuring everyone's favorite Furyan getting some direction from the man who truly controls his destiny... director David Twohy!

New Riddick Images Have a Bone to Pick

Vin Diesel has posted two more images from the latest chapter in The Chronicles of Riddick franchise, tentatively known as Dead Man Stalking, one of which features our favorite Furian toting around what appears to be a bone-like weapon. Check 'em out!

Riddick Goes One-on-One with Dave Bautista

When you have a star with the physical stature of Vin Diesel, you need to have him face off against someone bigger than he is or there are just no stakes. Well, for the next film in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise, the stakes have officially been raised to a brutish level.

Latest Still from The Chronicles of Riddick Really Floats Our Boat

After taking a look at the latest still from this week's filming, it appears that production on The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking is going swimmingly well. Read on for a peek at the Furyan left for dead...

Official Plot Details and Casting News Comes in for Latest Riddick Film

For months there's been speculation regarding casting news, etc., for the third film in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise tentatively known as Dead Man Stalking, but now all of the official info is finally here.

Adjust Your Vision for the Third Still From Riddick

A third image has surfaced for the new Riddick flick, and as always we have it here for you here, chock-full of Furian fury! Check it out!

Vin Diesel Takes a Knee in Latest Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking Image

Even the lethal Furian needs a time out from killing aliens, monsters, and whoever the hell else manages to get in his way. Get set for yet another still from the new Riddick flick!

First Look at Vin Diesel as Riddick in Dead Man Stalking

After months and months and, yes, months of looking at every conceivable kind of concept art for the next film in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise, it's nice to finally see something real. Get ready for your first look at the Furian!

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking Gets Funky

No, we are not talking about that funny video of a very young Vin Diesel break dancing (although we will include it here for shits and giggles). We're talking casting news, kids! Time to see who else will be going head-to-head with your friendly neighborhood Furian.

Katee Sackhoff to Tango with Riddick in Dead Man Stalking?

The set of the next film in the Riddick franchise is about to get a whole lot prettier if this potential addition to the cast that will have tons of sci-fi fans swooning ends up being finalized! Read on for details.

First Bit of Teaser Art - The Haunting in Georgia

Lionsgate dropped a really early bit of teaser art for The Haunting in Georgia, the upcoming second installment of its The Haunting in ... franchise (which was spawned by the hit The Haunting in Connecticut), and as always we've got the goods for ya right here.

Katee Sackhoff and Abigail Spencer Official for The Haunting in Georgia

Two more stars are ready to have their wits scared scared out of them in The Haunting in Georgia, the follow-up to the hit flick The Haunting in Connecticut, one of whom should make "BSG" fans especially happy.

First Look at Katee Sackhoff in Growl

The werewolf subgenre has always been somewhat of a bastard stepchild in the world of horror, but what exactly is it about the cursed creatures that prevents so much fiction and filmmaking on the subject from being all that great? And, more importantly, will the upcoming Growl be one of the good ones?