Jurassic Park

The Trailer for Jurassic Park 3D Arrives with a Mighty Roar

Following up on yesterday's release of a new one-sheet for Universal Pictures' Jurassic Park 3D, we now have the trailer to go along with it. Even after two decades it's impossible to watch it without grinning from ear-to-ear!

Jurassic Park 3D One-Sheet Opens Up

Okay, so show of hands... who here reading this is ready to throw away some cash on a nearly two-decade old film just to see it in a medium it was never intended to be seen in? Anyone? Oh, you? Then check out this latest one-sheet.

Take a Look at the Jurassic Park Sequel that Almost Was

While Jurassic Park 4 is gearing up for production, years ago there was a script written by John Sayles for a proposed fourth film which ultimately got canned. The script featured genetically engineered human-dinosaur hybrids that were super smart gun-toting mercenaries. Wanna see 'em?

Producer Kathleen Kennedy Talks Jurassic Park 4

While doing press for the Blu-ray release of E.T.: The Extraterrestrial producer Kathleen Kennedy offered the following update to Collider on the status of the long talked about sequel. Read on for the skinny.

James Cameron Wanted a Much Nastier Jurassic Park

For many horror fans, Jurassic Park is holy ground riddled with lots of thrills and dinosaur mayhem. The film is a modern classic, deserving of all the love and attention that it gets. Ever wonder what director James Cameron would have done with it? Read on to find out!

Jurassic Park 4 in Theatres Within Two Years!

Well here's something that definitely falls on the interesting side of the fence. While doing press for The Bourne Legacy, producer Frank Marshall let the cat out of the bag as to when we'll be returning to Jurassic Park!

Writers Tapped for Jurassic Park 4

Finally some solid news has come out for Universal's next entry in the Jurassic Park franchise, known tentatively as Jurassic Park 4. The studio has picked its writers, and given their past track record, we wholeheartedly approve.

Look for Jurassic Park 3D in the Summer of 2013

With Star Wars, Titanic, and who knows what other old favorites jumping on the bandwagon, is it any wonder Jurassic Park is heading back to theatres in retrofitted 3D as well? Yeah, we didn't think so either, and now we know when it'll be taking place.

Steven Spielberg Won't Be in the Director's Chair for Jurassic Park 4

A few weeks ago we brought you an update from director Steven Spielberg pertaining to the possibility of another addition to the Jurassic Park franchise. The good news... it's still very much on track. The bad?

Steven Spielberg Offers Mini Jurassic Park 4 Update

Any talk of a Jurassic Park 4 film get's us salivating like rabid dogs here around the Dread Central offices so any time something leaks on it, we're right there waiting.

Jurassic Park: The Game (Video Game)

Available for XBox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, and PC (reviewed)

Go Beyond the Visitor Center and Into the Hidden Areas of Jurassic Park: The Game

Jurassic Park: The Game launches on November 15th and will be taking players into the areas of the dinosaur-themed amusement park visited by Dr. Alan Grant and company that were under construction in the original Jurassic Park film. We're pleased to share five of the new and unseen areas of Jurassic Park right here, right now!

Jurassic Park: The Game Website Opens; New Behind-the-Scenes Video; Deluxe Edition Details

Telltale Games has opened the doors on its Jurassic Park: The Game website and also provided a behind-the-scenes video entitled "Return to Isla Nublar" as well as the specs for the Deluxe Edition of the game, which launches November 15 on the Xbox 360 (North American retail), PlayStation Network for PlayStation3, Windows PC, and Mac with the iPad2 version coming shortly thereafter – just in time for the holidays.

Steven Spielberg Sheds Light on the Progress of Jurassic Park 4

We, like many of you, are eagerly awaiting a fourth Jurassic Park film. It's been too long since we've had some good old fashioned dino-induced mayhem to sink our teeth into. So what's going on with the flick? Read on!

Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo Present the Second Print in Their Jurassic Park Poster Series

As they promised in early September, Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo revealed today the second print in their Jurassic Park poster series with the latest entry coming to us from artist JC Richard. Read on to see it in its entirety and learn when you can order it for your personal collection.