Juan Diego Botto

Five International Clips from Childish Games Speak in Tongues

If you do not habla Espanol, you may want to skip this story and move on to the next because the clips included are all kind of talky and in Spanish. However, if you are bilingual, have at it and kindly explain to the rest of us what's going on. Thanks!

Official International Childish Games One-Sheet and Image Gallery Creeps Online

Evil kids. The possibility of our little bundles of joy turning darkside for our money is the main reason for birth control. You bring these things into the world, clothe them, feed them, and BAM! they go all Damien. Some more eye candy for the latest toddling terror flick Childish Games is finally here.

Evil Kids at Play in New Childish Games Trailer

Frequently I'm asked if I ever plan on having kids. I point to the Bad Seed, Children of the Corn, The Children, The Exorcist, and of course The Omen as to why my answer is always definitively no. I'd point to Orphan, too, but I'm not sure a commie midget who sounds like Dracula counts. In any event, yet another trailer is here for you! Check it out!

AFM 2011: Time to Play Some Deadly Yet Childish Games

Evil kids. We love the little bastards for all of the trouble they cause, and it's good to know that these nuisances are on their way back to the screen with all new terrors on tap!

Early Sales Art for Filmax's Childish Games

Here at Dread Central we hate kids. Why? Well, other than the fact that they eat you out of house and home, break all your cool stuff, and never stop making noise, they have a tendency to either attract or be evil. Filmax is looking to prove our point yet again with the new spooker Childish Games.