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Watch the First Three Minutes of BBC America's In the Flesh

We've already seen a few sneak peeks of "In the Flesh," premiering on BBC America this Thursday night, June 6th, but now we have the opening three minutes of the series and some new artwork to share. Check 'em out, and let us know if you'll be tuning in.

Maxi-Sized Gallery for Zombie Mini-Series In the Flesh

While it shows off more of the humans than the zombies in BBC America's upcoming three-part mini-series "In the Flesh," this image gallery does give you a sneak peek of what the undead will generally be looking like on the show. So check it out and get ready for June 6th, 7th, and 8th!

Get a Sneak Peek of Episode 1 of BBC America's In the Flesh

In just one week BBC America kicks off its three-night "In the Flesh" zombie event, and we have a nearly three-minute long sneak peek of Episode 1 along with another promo that introduces us to Rick.

Another Promo Shambles in for BBC America's In the Flesh

Ready for another look at "In the Flesh," BBC America's three-night zombie event that begins next week? In England the dead aren't just rising from the grave... They're returning home!

Second Teaser Promo for BBC America's In the Flesh

A second teaser promo has arrived for BBC America's three-night "In the Flesh" event that introduces us to the character Amy, portrayed by Emily Bevan. Will you be watching when it begins on Thursday, June 6th?

First Teaser Promo for BBC America's In the Flesh

BBC America has released its first teaser promo for "In the Flesh," which is airing as a special three-night premiere event beginning Thursday, June 6th, at 10:00pm ET/PT. Check it out, and let us know if you're planning to watch. We certainly are!

BBC America Moves Up the Premiere Date of In the Flesh to June 6th

When BBC America first announced it would be airing the UK mini-series "In the Flesh," the premiere date was in August, but they must have realized we Yanks need our zombies sooner than that as it has now been moved up to June 6th.

In the Flesh Writer Dominic Mitchell Addresses Some of the Series' Unanswered Questions

It sounds like "In the Flesh" will be returning to BBC Three after all; in this featurette posted after the show's finale aired, writer Dominic Mitchell said about some of the unresolved plot lines, "We'll get to it... we'll get to it. I swear."

A Sneak Peek of the Finale of BBC Three's In the Flesh

The third and final chapter of UK zombie miniseries "In the Flesh" airs this Sunday night, 31 March, and we have a clip to share along with a promo video in which co-stars Luke Newberry and Emily Bevan reveal if they would hide away or reveal themselves if they had Partially Deceased Syndrome.

Contemplate the Big Sleep with a Clip from Episode 2 of In the Flesh

Episode 2 of the UK's three-episode miniseries "In the Flesh" airs on Sunday night, and we have a clip to share in which Amy discusses death with Kieren and the advantages of being a PDS sufferer.

Preview and Synopsis of In the Flesh Episode 2

If you're in the UK and watched Episode 1 of "In the Flesh," we'd love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime we Yanks will have to be satisfied with a look at Episode 2 while we wait to hear if BBC America will be showing this anytime soon.

Get to Know BBC Three's In the Flesh a Bit Better

Lucky UK residents get to check out BBC Three's "In the Flesh" beginning this Sunday, March 17th, and we have a pair of new videos that introduce the program and show off a clip of lead character Kieren, a "rehabilitated" zombie who is anxious about returning home.

Third and Final 'Undead Survival' Video Checks In for BBC Three's In the Flesh

A short while ago we posted two "Undead Survival" videos for BBC Three's upcoming "In the Flesh," which starts Sunday, the 17th of March at 10pm, and now we have the third and final vid in the series.

New In The Flesh Videos Will Help You Survive the Undead Uprising

The zombie apocalypse, just like anything else, comes with its own set of monster-sized headaches. Good thing for us that BBC Three has released a set of videos to help us get through this most tumultuous of times.

The Undead Abound in New Trailer for BBC Three's In the Flesh

BBC Three has a new three-part zombie drama in the works for airing later this year called "In the Flesh," and we have all the details and the second trailer for it right here. Come get some, and watch out for stray headshots!