Jon Spaihts

Andres Muschietti Goes From Mama to Mummy; Helming Universal's Reboot

Ever since Underworld director Len Wiseman departed from Universal's Mummy reboot earlier this summer, the studio has been scrambling to find a new director to wrap up. And it's looking like the search is over. Read on for details!

Universal's Next Mummy Movie Looking to Wrap Up Another Director

Production of Universal's next movie in The Mummy franchise has hit a snag as Underworld director Len Wiseman has headed off to less sandy pastures due to a scheduling conflict.

Original Prometheus Scribe Jon Spaihts Sucked into a Black Hole

While we all wait for someone with a clue to help director Ridley Scott finally get a sequel to Prometheus off the ground, the film's original writer, Jon Spaihts, has drifted off into a new galaxy where no one can here him scream (out of frustration).

Prometheus Sequel Shenanigans Episode 1 - The Blame Game

You would think, given its box office take and home video sales, that a sequel to Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus would be a complete and total no-brainer. A turnkey and go kind of project. Nope. Read on for what's likely to be a really long story.

Universal's Mummy Remake Finds ANOTHER Scribe

Another writer has been tasked with rewrapping Universal's new take on The Mummy. The thing is they already hired one. Talk about hedging your bets. Let's all sit quietly and pray for no scenes involving cartoonish Yetis who are fluent in football related hand signals.

Len Wiseman Talks New Mummy Movie

With Len Wiseman handling a new version of The Mummy for Universal, there are lots of questions floating around as to exactly what type of flick it will turn out to be. Will it have anything to do with the Brendan Fraser series? Will it be more of a family adventure? Some answers have come...

Is Len Wiseman the Right Guy to Helm The Mummy Reboot for Universal?

Universal is moving forward with its reboot of The Mummy, and it looks like Len Wiseman (Total Recall, Underworld, Live Free or Die Hard) is going to be the guy behind the camera. Share your thoughts in our comments section!

Universal Looking to Reboot The Mummy with Prometheus Writer on Board

Universal Studios' last reboot of the Mummy franchise was a mixed bag of tricks. Though all three entries we're pretty much brainless fun, the third one crossed the line into the land of the sickeningly silly. So why not start over, right?

Enough Alien Prequel News to Dizzy Your Senses: Not Delayed! Working Title Revealed! Actually a Remake?

So, with not even a single frame filmed, the hoopla concerning Ridley Scott's Alien prequel(s) for Fox seems to be jumping on the same type of merry-go-round that the fabled Ghostbusters 3 has been riding for a year. In short ... Everyone has their own set of answers, and all we can do is stare blankly, cross our fingers, and hope for the best.

Alien Prequels Stall Once Again

Once again Ridley Scott's Alien prequels have hit a snag and stalled before getting out of the gate. Talk about feeling like you're on a roller coaster, eh, fans?

Fox and Scott Circling Star for Alien Prequel(s)

Who in the world can fill the shoes left by Sigourney Weaver in the upcoming Alien prequels from Fox and director Ridley Scott? The list of names is long, but it looks as if the team behind the films are finally zeroing in on someone.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Could be Heading for Space in the Alien Prequel

With every passing bit of news that comes across our desk concerning Ridley Scott's Alien prequel, I find myself losing more and more interest.

Alien Prequel Edges Closer! Fox Loves Script! Natalie Portman to Star?

Now here's some great news to kick off your morning with. Despite reports of disagreements, etc, Ridley Scott's Alien prequel(s) are gaining some serious momentum! As per New York Magazine's Vulture:

Alien Prequel(s) Hit a Bump in the Road. A Very Expensive Bump!

We've all been waiting patiently for something new to report regarding Ridley Scott's proposed 3D Alien prequel(s), and if this latest tidbit of news is any indication of what's going on behind the scenes, it looks as if we'll be waiting for a long while.

Ridley Scott Dishes the Dirt on the Upcoming Alien Prequel

It's been nearly two entire months since last we spoke about director Ridley Scott's upcoming prequel to Alien, but wow are we about to make up for lost time. Pull up a chair, folks! There's lots to tell.