John Dies at the End

Doug Jones Joins Don Coscarelli's John Dies at the End

And the genre star power continues to grow and flex its muscle for Don Coscarelli's latest film project John Dies at the End. Doug Jones, who's quickly becoming this generation's Lon Chaney, is now on board, and as always we're sure he'll bring the freak factor with him!

Coscarelli's New Project Revealed - John Dies at the End

Well, let the last two solid days of speculation finally come to an end. Would the legendary Don Coscarelli's new project be Phantasm 5 or Bubba Nosferatu? Nope, it's something entirely different that's rockin' a hell of a cast thus far.

Coscarelli Talks John Dies at the End

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Don Coscarelli’s next project, but if not allow us to be the first to tell you about John Dies at the End, an adaptation of the debut novel by David Wong.