John Carpenter

Exclusive Modern Masters of Horror Interview Series: In-Depth with John Carpenter

John Carpenter has been making films for longer than you have been living. Do the math. His post college career, alone, is probably longer than your lifespan.

Kurt Russell Shares Thoughts and Stories Regarding The Thing

During the recent AFI at the Movies event at the Arclight in Hollywood, Kurt Russell was on hand to introduce the 1982 John Carpenter classic The Thing. Before the start of the flick Russell reminisced about his time on set and more. Check it out!

The Fog Special Features Roll In

Alrighty, kids. We're gonna be heading back to Antonio Bay in style with the Scream Factory's upcoming stellar release of John Carpenter's The Fog. Read on to find out what special features will be included once Blake and his ghostly cohorts blow in.

Check Out the Scream Factory's Artwork for The Fog

Around these parts John Carpenter's The Fog is a true favorite so we're happier than a leper pirate with a new hook that the film is finally getting the Blu-ray and DVD treatment that it so deserves. Check out the new artwork!

Take Your First Look into John Carpenter's Asylum

One of the horror genre's greatest and most beloved masters of horror, John Carpenter, is about to try his hand at producing his first ever comic book called John Carpenter's Asylum, and we have a look at the cover art for the first issue for ya!

Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies... EVER! #3 - Halloween

We're down to the top three horror movies ever created. I'm excited; how about you? For a long time the number three film was the most financially successful indie film of all time. But Halloween is not on this list for the money it made; it's here for the nightmares it generated.

Pre-Order Christine on Blu-ray this Friday, February 15th; Limited to 3,000 Copies

With so many horror classics and cult favorites getting announced for Blu-ray release in 2013, one bit of news that has mostly flown under the radar is Twilight Time's plans to give John Carpenter’s 1983 adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine a Blu-ray upgrade a month from now.

FEARnet's February Programming Includes All Five Exorcist Films and a Sweepstakes

Nothing says “I love you” like FEARnet this February with an horrific heart-shaped box full of premieres, prizes, and stunts kicked off by the world television debut of Lost Boys: The Thirst on February 3 and "The Complete Exorcist Marathon" on February 17.

Never Mind Gangnam Style! In Little China They Get Down with Lo Pan!

Honestly, we really don't understand the craze that is Gangnam Style here at Dread Central. Watching a semi-chubby Asian dude make believe he's riding a horse? Yeah, not getting the appeal. However... this? This we can totally get behind!

Screamfest L.A. 2012: Exclusive - Screamfest Celebrates John Carpenter with Original Art and Award

In tandem with the honoring of John Carpenter with a Career Achievement award and a 25th Anniversary Screening of Prince of Darkness, Screamfest is celebrating the iconic films of the director through original art. Read on!

Mondo Releases Badass Halloween Posters in Time for Screening!

Just in time for the Debra Hill Film Festival, Mondo has released two posters in celebration of the event for the horror epic Halloween and they perfectly capture the look, feel, and spirit of the film like no other.

Debra Hill Film Festival Coming to L.A.

Make no mistake about it; the late Debra Hill is very much an icon in the industry, having helped to bring some of the most beloved films in our genre and beyond to audiences everywhere. Now, thanks to the PGA, she's getting honored with her own film festival.

Man Who Created Halloween, The (Book)

Written by Irwin Yablans Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Screamfest L.A. to Honor Legendary Filmmaker John Carpenter

Screamfest L.A. is gearing up to present the great John Carpenter with a very well deserved career achievement award. As if the event couldn't get any bigger and better, right? Read on for all of the details right here!