Joe Hill

DreamWorks Keeping Newly Acquired Property Under Locke & Key

More woes for Dimension. It's like they're having a fire sale over there. Yet another one of their properties has set sail for calmer waters ... the live action adaptation of the Joe Hill horror comic Locke & Key.

Mandalay Acquires Joe Hill's Horns

Joe Hill's upcoming novel Horns isn't even being published by William Morrow until February, 2010, but it's already been scooped up by Mandalay Pictures for the big screen treatment.

Locke & Key: Head Games Starts This Month!

Joe Hill’s first foray into comics, Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft (review), was yet another indication of what a versatile writer Hill is and a great example of how an artist’s work can make a writer’s words come to life.

Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft in Hardback

One of literary horror's best friends, IDW Publishing, has sent out the word that on October 1st novelist Joe Hill's seminal Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft is being released in hardback.

Joe Hill Updates on Box, Locke & More!

Author Joe Hill (Heart-Shaped Box) recently sat down with the folks at Fangoria to discuss some of the various horror projects his name is attached to, first and foremost his IDW comic Locke & Key, which they will be releasing a sequel to in the coming months.

IDW's Horrific Future

IDW Publishing announced a huge slate of new titles during Comic Con, and thankfully they were kind enough to send out one press release detailing all of them. Saves us the time of tracking down bits and pieces for each one, you know?

King & Hill's Throttle Optioned

Now this is something I need to read; a novella penned by both Stephen King and son Joe Hill (Heart-Shaped Box) called “Throttle”. It’s about a motorcycle gang who’re chased through the desert by an 18-wheeler, something I think we can all relate to.

Pabst Opens the Box

Nothing like getting a man named after a delicious beverage to adapt your story to make selling your book rights worthwhile.