Jim Klock

Prostitutes Beware; Killer Stalks the Streets in First Trailer for Murder Eleven

I don't know what it is about killers that makes them love prostitutes so much. Must be something about cleaning up the streets and punishing the wicked. In any event, the trailer for Jim Klock's Murder Eleven has arrived, and we invite you to check it out.

New Stills and DVD Artwork Clock in for Murder Eleven

Several months ago we learned that Murder Eleven, written/directed by and starring Jim Klock, is being released on DVD in October by Indican Pictures, and today we have a pair of new stills and the film's box art to share.

Murder Eleven Goes on a Killing Spree

Atlantic City has long been a home for people with many vices. Beachgoers, slot machine pullers, avid gamblers, people inexplicably named "Nucky"... oh, and a psychopath with a penchant for killing prostitutes. Sound about right?