Jensen Ackels

The CW's Supernatural Is the Gateway to Damnation!

You know, working on a computer all day and constantly being in touch with the public frequently leads to some really funny stuff. Case in point: YouTube user TheGroxt1's take on "Supernatural" and where it fits in the upcoming ruin of the world as we know it. Really, you have to see this!

Supernatural to Break the Fourth Wall; Genevieve Cortese to Return...But Not as Ruby

We still have a few weeks to kill before the January 28th return of "Supernatural" from its holiday hiatus, but in the meantime we've been given an outline of an upcoming episode to chew on ... one that involves a favorite plot device here at Dread Central: breaking the fourth wall!

Teaser Preview of Next Four Supernatural Episodes

Already jonesing for the January 28th, 2011, return of "Supernatural" from its holiday hiatus? How about a quick (and we mean QUICK!) sneak peek at the next four upcoming episodes?