Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Get Fingered by this First Clip from The Possession

First of all, you're all very sick and perverted individuals! We know exactly what you're thinking after reading that headline. You're not fooling anyone. That's part of why we love you so much. In any event, check out the first clip from The Possession!

The Possession Gets a Website! The Rabbi Gets Jumped!

A new website is now online for Lionsgate's The Possession, and it's home to many things, such as images of rabbis in danger! Have some time? Check it out for a schmear of fear! Oy vey, what a pun! What a pun!

New Image from The Possession Home to One Furious Rabbi

Seriously, this dude is pissed. We're talking like three seconds away from taking his kippah and shoving it down some poor schmuck's throat before strangling him with his tallit. Yep, it's another still from Lionsgate's The Possession.

Rabbi Gets Jumped in Latest Image from The Possession

Every time we see the scene in the trailer for Lionsgate's upcoming spooker The Possession of a rabbi getting tackled to the ground by a little demon girl, we bounce in our seats and giggle with delight. Having a still of it? THANK YOU!

Matisyahu Getting Some Exorcise in Latest Images from The Possession

You know, it wasn't until this very second that I realized Hasidic rapper Matisyahu plays an exorcist in Lionsgate's The Possession. Seriously, if he starts spitting rhymes mid-ceremony, that would automatically make this movie of the year!

First TV Spot for The Possession Feels Funny

Here's the thing... if someone makes a box that is incredibly hard to open, they have probably done so for a really good reason. Then again, if we left well enough alone, we wouldn't have any movies to watch now, would we?

New Motion Poster for The Possession Has Evil on the Move!

Buzz around Lionsgate's The Possession has been pretty positive. and that's a good thing. At least we hope. Lord knows the last movie featuring a Jewish demon possessing someone was pretty bad. Jumby wants this to be better. Check out this new bit of promotional eye candy!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Video Interview: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis - The Possession

During the San Diego Comic-Con, we sat patiently waiting for the stars of Lionsgate's The Possession to sit down and give a video interview so we could bring you the goods with a schmear of cream cheese on the side. Oy vey!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reflects on Watchmen, Talks New Comic Series - Before Watchmen

While this may not necessarily fall into the horror realm, we here at Dread Central think it's safe to assume there may be quite a few of you out there who probably also call yourselves Watchmen fans.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis Talk The Possession

With Lionsgate's The Possession heading into theatres and the San Diego Comic-Con happening right now, we figured we ought to get to getting you cats the scoop on the upcoming based on true events terror tale.

New Possession One-Sheet Spits Up All Over the Place

While nowhere near as cool or as intriguing as the first one-sheet unveiled, Lionsgate has released some new eye candy for its upcoming demonic box office monster The Possession. Check it out and tell us what YOU think!

Oy Vey! New Possession Still Rebukes Demons

Here you are, kids! An action shot from Lionsgate's The Possession, formerly The Dibbuk Box! You want we should offer it to you here with a schmear of terror? Grab your Star of Davids and let the rebuking begin!

New Posession Still Comes Out Swinging

Another sliver of eye candy has come our way for Lionsgate's The Possession, formerly The Dibbuk Box, and it's ready to give you the stink eye. If you're lucky, that's all you'll be getting from Satan's newest scamp!

Familiar New One-Sheet for The Possession

The latest one-sheet for Lionsgate's The Possession is here, and it's familiar for two reasons: one, we've seen the image before, and two, we never realized how much it reminded us of The Exorcist until we saw it in poster form.

The Trailer for The Possession Finally Unleashed

The wait is over, kids! Your first look at the trailer for Lionsgate's The Possession, formerly The Dibbuk Box, is here; and we have got to say the flick is looking all kinds of good. Check it out, and think twice before buying anything that's remotely spooky looking!