Jeff Buhler

Writer Jeff Buhler Sheds Light on Grudge Remake

We told you that there was a remake or reboot or re-imagining or whatever they're calling it now of The Grudge a few weeks back, and today some details as to just what this flick will be have come to light.

Liv Tyler to Face The Hell Within?

Let us be clear ... no matter how much we love someone, there's no way in the world that we'd ever head out into the jungle to try and find them should they become lost. No good could ever come from such an endeavor, but thankfully for horror fans people keep right on trying.

John Carpenter to Produce Dennison Ramalho's The Hell Within

John Carpenter teaming up with the demented mind that helped birth Coffin Joe's Embodiment of Evil? This could be the best news all year!

Insanitarium (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Peter Stormare, Kiele Sanchez Directed by Jeff Buhler Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Insanitarium DVD Date

Sony Home Entertainment has set a DVD date for Jeff (Midnight Meat Train) Buhler’s feature directing debut, Insanitarium: July 15th, 2008!

Meat Train Penner Finds Hell Within

Jeff Buhler, screenwriter of the upcoming Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train (trailer), just wrapped up work on his directorial debut, Insanitarium, which we last told you about back in April.

Exclusive: Buhler Talks Insanitarium!

You may recall last week it was revealed that Jeff Buhler, who found his way into our genre by penning the script for Midnight Meat Train currently being directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, is moving up the Hollywood ladder rather rapidly by jumping right into directing.

Exclusive: Kitamura Uses Real Meat

Midnight Meat Train is one of those movies we’ve been hearing about for so long at so many stages of development that it almost seems too good to be true that it’s finally happening. But it is, folks, and with none other than Ryuhei (Versus) Kitamura at the helm. Could you ask for anything cooler?

Buhler, Jeff (Insanitarium)

If you haven’t gone out and picked up Jeff Buhler’s Insanitarium (DVD review), his directorial debut, you just might be