Jaume Collet-Serra

Bruce Greenwood Next Up to Weather Oren Peli's The River

More casting news has come in for Oren Peli's spooky breakthrough into network television, "The River". Read on for the details of this choppy new series!

Joe Anderson Sent Down The River

More horror is coming to the small screen, and news has been coming in fast and furious. The latest face to head down ABC's "The River" is no stranger to spooky things happening out in the wild.

Eloise Mumford Sails Down the River into Darkness

Horror on TV hasn't been this hot in forever, and everyone's getting into the act. One project we cannot wait for is without question Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli and his partners Jason Blum and Steven Schneider's new series for ABC, "The River".

Jaume Collet-Serra to Pilot Down The River

We've been talking about Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli executive producing a new series for ABC with his partners Jason Blum and Steven Schneider for a while now, and finally a director has been nailed down to deliver the first episode.

Jaume Collet-Serra's Harker Looking to Slay Vampires

The official word on Jaume Collet-Serra's vampire flick that Badass Digest first told you about over the weekend is finally here! Sharpen those stakes!

Jaume Collet-Serra to Lend Dracula His Fangs

With his latest feature Unknown set to open in just a couple of weeks, word has already crept online pertaining to what director Jaume Collet-Serra's next project will be. Here's a hint .... it will have bite!

Liam Neeson Heads Off the Rails in First Unknown Clip!

We're not sure why exactly, but every single thing we see for Jaume Collet-Serra's new flick starring Liam Neeson makes us absolutely giddy. There's just something about Neeson we can't help but love. Buckle your seat belts, folks! It's time for the first clip from Unknown!

Dozens of New Images - Unknown

While we love seeing Liam Neeson with that disturbed and mouth slightly opened look on his face, we really have been hankering to see some action shots from his upcoming film Unknown. Well then. Looks like we just hit the jackpot!

New Unknown Stills Provide a Near Unlawful Amount of Neeson!

If you thought the previous three one-sheets for the upcoming flick Unknown featured a whole lot of star Liam Neeson, wait until you see these latest stills! There has to be some sort of intervention coming soon! I mean, "What do you think this is? Some type of GAME?!?"

Latest Unknown One-Sheet Features a Whole Lot of Neeson

A third one-sheet for Jaume Collet-Serra's new thriller, Unknown (formerly Unknown White Male), has been released; and just like the two before it, it features Liam Neeson looking really stern.

Second Unknown One-Sheet Urges You to Take Your Life Back

The second one-sheet for Jaume Collet-Serra's new thriller, Unknown (formerly Unknown White Male), has made its way online, and as always we've got the goods for you right here!

One-Sheet Debut - Jaume Collet-Serra's Unknown

To coincide with the release of the first two stills from Jaume Collet-Serra's new thriller, Unknown (formerly Unknown White Male), we now have the official one-sheet for you guys to dig on!

First Images from Jaume Collet-Serra's Unknown

The very first images from House of Wax director Jaume Collet-Serra's new film Unknown (formerly Unknown White Male) are here, and we have every pixel of them awaiting your ever so watchful eyes.

Trailer Debut for Jaume Collet-Serra's Unknown

It's been a long while since last we spoke of House of Wax director Jaume Collet-Serra's new film Unknown (formerly Unknown White Male), but lo and behold a trailer has made its way online. Will it pack as much punch as the cast itself? Dig it to find out.

Frank Langella Bringing his Whole Face to Unknown White Male

And the cast for Jaume Collet-Serra's newest flick Unknown White Male has expanded by one. And boy is it a a good one.