Jason Mewes

Monster Pictures and Uncork'd Entertainment Ascend Devil's Tower

Jason Mewes in a zombie flick?! Yep, that's the in-a-nutshell premise of Devil's Tower, which has just been scooped up for distribution in various territories. Put down that joint and read on for full details!

Kevin Smith's Comes the Krampus Renamed Anti-Claus; XYZ Films Selling International Rights

We recently told you about Kevin Smith's new holiday horror anthology film that embraces the European child-eating Christmas creature known as The Krampus, and now it has a new title and international sales agent. Read on for the details!

Ring in the New Year with Zombie Hamlet on DVD

“Is this the end of zombie Shakespeare?” It would appear not, as John Murlowski’s comedy Zombie Hamlet makes its way onto DVD on December 31st. Written by John McKinney and with original music by Jackson Rathbone, whom you might remember from Twilight or, if you’re too ashamed to admit you knew that, the indie horror flick Dread.

Rock and Shock Lineup Has Something for Everyone; Don't Miss the 10th Anniversary THIS WEEKEND!

If you're a horror fan anywhere near Worcester, MA, don't walk, RUN to one of the most beloved horror conventions on the East Coast. Of course we're talking about Rock and Shock!

Exclusive: Jason Mewes Speaks Up for Silent But Deadly

Jason Mewes has been on the scene for a long time. It's hard to believe it was nearly 20 years ago that we first got a look at Jay and Silent Bob in the classic comedy Clerks. Dread Central recently had the chance to talk with this veteran actor about his new horror/comedy Silent But Deadly.

Silent But Deadly (2013)

Starring Starring Jason Mewes, Jordan Prentice, Kim Poirier, Marc Hickox, Benz Antoine, William Sadler

Rock and Shock Announces Tons of Celeb Guests and Musical Acts for 10th Anniversary Show

Those planning to attend the 10th anniversary Rock and Shock convention this October 18-20 in Worcester, MA, are in for a thrill.

Jason Mewes Is Silent But Deadly

Jason Mewes is in the midst of enjoying a pretty healthy acting career since tucking his junk and hanging out on the corner with Kevin Smith. The outspoken funnyman has a new flick on its way, and it is Silent But Deadly.

Chill.com Debuts Vigilante Diaries Starring Your Favorite Former Slacker Jason Mewes

Chill.com is one of the more unique video distribution companies out there right now, and they've got a great plan for a new series entitled "Vigilante Diaries". The project stars the unmistakable Jason Mewes and features an all-new type of pay-per-view.

Todd & the Book of Pure Evil Season 2 Finally Hitting DVD on June 25th

It's been about a year since the Season 2 finale of "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" aired on FEARnet, but finally the complete second season is arriving on DVD. Equal parts camp and gore, the show is a must-see for fans of horror, comedy, horror-comedy, and everything in between!

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes Settle an Injustice

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes have spent a very long time discussing who could beat whom in the world of superheroes. Could Batman kick Superman's ass? Or would everyone's favorite mega-zombie Solomon Grundy feast on both of them? Now they, and you, can find out with Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Clip and Exclusive Still from Tonight's Season 2 Finale of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil

Season 2 of "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" comes to an end tonight, June 5th, on FEARnet, and we have a clip and an exclusive still from the episode, entitled "Black Tie Showdown", to share.

A Sneak Peek of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil Episode 2.06 - Fisting Fantasy

FEARnet's Twisted Comedy Block continues its Tuesday night mayhem with another new episode of "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil", entitled "Fisting Fantasy", and we have the preview and a sneak peek clip from the ep to share.

Exclusive Clip from Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Episode 2.02 - The Student Body

"Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" has quite a few fans around the DC office, and if you count yourself as one as well, here's an exclusive clip from next week's Episode 2.02, "The Student Body", which airs on Tuesday, March 20th, at 10:00 PM.

Reminder: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Returns to FEARnet Tonight, March 13th

Tonight at 10:00 pm "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil" returns to FEARnet with all new episodes, and we've got a look at Ep. 2.01, "Re-DIE-rment Home", along with key art highlighting Todd (Alex House) as he shows off his weapon of choice to some satanic seniors.