James Roday

James Roday's Horror Comedy Gravy to Open the 2014 Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

Just about a year ago we heard James Roday from "Psych" was directing a horror comedy called Gravy, and that was it... until now. The Sixth Annual Friars Club Comedy Film Festival is opening with the world premiere of the film on April 1st. And no, it's not an April Fool's joke.

Psych's James Roday Covers Himself in Gravy

Fans of the TV show "Psych" will be happy to hear that one of its stars is getting ready to plant his rear end right in the director's chair for a new horror comedy that focuses on some very "questionable" eating habits.

USA's Psych Vamping Out for Halloween

It's not often that we cover the USA Network's "Psych" here at Dread Central, although last year when they did a "Twin Peaks" homage, we gave them a mention; and now that they're taking on both Lestat and Blacula, well, how could we resist passing on the info to our readers?

Psych Bringing Twin Peaks Alums Together for an Homage

Whether or not the much discussed and speculated upon "Return to Twin Peaks" ever happens, we have some pretty cool news for fans of the show.