James Cullen Bressack

DVD Release Details Swim in for Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys

James Cullen Bressack is a young filmmaker whose career we've been keeping an eye on, and his latest, Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys, is heading to home video in just a few weeks. We have all the details right here, including the flick's new artwork.

Hot Chicks Uncover Evil Shit in Bloody Pernicious Trailer

Prolific indie filmmaker James Cullen Bressack (To Jennifer, Hate Crime, 13/13/13) is back with a brand spankin' new film entitled Pernicious, and on tap for you today is the first trailer for the flick. Check it out along with a handful of sexy and gory stills!

New Director Announced for SQUEAL: Blood Harvest; Casting Now Under Way

James Cullen Bressack has officially signed on to direct the psychological horror thriller SQUEAL: Blood Harvest, and the prolific young indie filmmaker promises to "push the envelope to a place it hasn’t been yet."

More Images Provide Sneak Peek at James Cullen Bressack's Pernicious

Prolific indie filmmaker James Cullen Bressack (To Jennifer, Hate Crime, 13/13/13) is back this year with a new film entitled Pernicious, and we've got some more stills on tap for you today. Dig in!

James Cullen Bressack Ready to Give You an Eyeful of Terror with Pernicious

Indie filmmaker James Cullen Bressack (To Jennifer, Hate Crime, 13/13/13) is back with a new film entitled Pernicious (feel free to consult your dictionary), and we have the first gory stills along with some artwork right here for you! Check 'em out!

Artwork and Trailer for The Asylum's 13/13/13

This past summer the Foywonder shared the news that The Asylum was bringing us 13/13/13, and since it's now available on Blu-ray/DVD, we thought we'd show you the flick's artwork and trailer.

Official DVD Artwork Arrives for iPhone 5-Shot & Edited To Jennifer

When announcing that the new release date for his home invasion thriller Hate Crime would be October 15th, director James Cullen Bressack revealed that his latest project, To Jennifer, would be arriving on DVD/VOD the same day; and we now have its artwork to share.

Official DVD Release Date and Box Art for Hate Crime

Originally we heard Unearthed Films would be releasing James Cullen Bressack's controversial home invasion thriller Hate Crime on DVD in August, but now it's been pushed to October. Check out the details and artwork.

New Trailer Arrives for Theatre of the Deranged II Anthology Film

It's been awhile since we last heard anything about Theatre of the Deranged II, but things appear to be moving along for the anthology sequel with the first trailer arriving online this week. Check it out, and look for more info soon.

Trailer and Distro News for iPhone-Shot Indie Film To Jennifer

In conjunction with Psykik Junky Pictures releasing the first official trailer for its new found footage film To Jennifer, filmed entirely on the iPhone 5, the company announced the flick will be available later this year in its entirety as a stand-alone app in the iTunes App Store.

Official Red Band Trailer Now Available for Hate Crime

Now that it's currently available on VOD and heading to Blu-ray/DVD in August, the official red band trailer for the home invasion thriller Hate Crime has finally arrived.

Hate Crime Lands Distro But You Can Watch it on VOD NOW!

It's been awhile since we've gotten an update on the home invasion thriller Hate Crime, but we've learned the flick has landed distribution with Unearthed Films and in the meantime is available worldwide on VOD.

First Details and Poster for iPhone-Shot Indie Film To Jennifer

Another found footage flick is heading our way, but this one has a twist: It will be the first feature film to be shot, edited, and distributed all on the iPhone 5. Read on for the early details and artwork for To Jennifer.

An Assortment of Posters for Indie Feature Hate Crime

Home invasion thrillers are tough to do well, but Hate Crime seems to be on the right track, having already won awards at several film festivals. If you're a fan of the sub-genre, check out this batch of posters and the trailer for the film.

Indie Vampire Project The New Neighbor to Commence Filming in January

Word of an upcoming new vampire project called The New Neighbor landed in our inbox, and since we're always on the lookout for a different take on the bloodsucker sub-genre, we thought we'd pass on the info along with a bit of artwork.