James Baack

Bloody Rage Of Bigfoot Teases Ummm... Something

We've been bringing you updates on a new Sasquatchploitation flick called The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot that will allegedly be in 3D. Today we have a new poster and teaser trailer. Ummm...

New Details: Bloody Rage of Bigfoot

It was about a week ago that I first brought you news of The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot in 3D. Now new details emerge on what filmmaker James Baack has in store for audiences with this piece of Sasquatchploitation, including a plot synopsis, just how bloody it will be, and why three-dimensional imagery might not be the only thing shooting off the screen.

Experience Bigfoot's Bloody Rage in 3D

Given the boom in Sasquatchploitation flicks over the past few years and the current resurgence of 3D filmmaking, it was only a matter of time before we got to experience Bigfoot's bloody rage in three dimensions.