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Darren Bousman's Mother's Day Gets a Firm Release Date

Well, it's not exactly on Mother's Day as we might have hoped, but finally Darren Bousman's Mother's Day redux has a firm home video release date... and will also enjoy a limited theatrical run thanks to Anchor Bay!

Darren Bousman's Mother's Day Lands US Distribution at Anchor Bay

His newest film, 11-11-11, is coming out this weekend so naturally we've been wondering when, if ever, we'd be seeing Darren Bousman's previous effort, a loose remake of Mother's Day, released here in the States (the UK got it last month on DVD and Blu-ray). Finally the news has come that Anchor Bay Films has acquired North American distribution rights to Mother’s Day. Hallelujah!

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Celebrate Mother's Day with the Chance to Win a Blu-ray and Poster!

Yeah, yeah, we know – 2011’s official Mother’s Day has long since passed, but the occasion we’re talking about here is director Darren Lynn Bousman’s own twisted take on familial festivities! Get in while you can for a chance at some free goodies...

Darren Bousman's Mother's Day Hits Blu-ray and DVD ... in the UK

That's right, my fellow gringos. While our friends across the pond are getting Darren Lynn Bousman's Mother's Day (review here) already, we're still sitting here Stateside with our thumbs up our collective asses. Joy.

Food Network's Halloween Wars Scares Up Rob Zombie, R.L. Stine, and a Pair of Scream Queens

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d write up a story that features both the names Rob Zombie and the Food Network in the same sentence. The rocking filmmaker will join Goosebumps author R.L. Stine and horror hotties Jaime King and Scout Taylor-Compton as judges on Food Network’s frightful cooking competition “Halloween Wars” this October.

Mother's Day Image Gallery Now Online

With Darren Bousman's Mother's Day enjoying a theatrical run in the UK while over here Stateside we get ... well ... nothing, we figured that the least we could do is put together an image gallery for you guys to dig on.

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Celebrate Mother’s Day by Winning a Blu-ray Bundle!

No, not that Mother’s Day! Darren Lynn Bousman’s Mother’s Day! With the much-anticipated flick all set to brutalize cinemas across the UK, the fine folks at Optimum Releasing have gifted us a beautiful bundle of Blu-ray discs including shockers Eden Lake, Wolf Creek and Orphan to give away to one lucky reader. Synopsis

Exclusive Mother's Day Clip - Witness The Calm Before the Storm!

It's Friday. The work week is just about done, and you're ready to unwind. Well, so are the folks in our exclusive clip from Mother's Day, and in it you'll be able to check out the soon-to-be horrified beyond belief victims before Mama and the gang show up!

First Mother's Day Clip Doles Out the Punishment

Yep. We're talking about the June 10th release of Darren Bousman's Mother's Day again. The only catch? It's in UK cinemas. While we're happy for our friends across the pond, we can't help but be completely jealous at the same time. Oh, well. In any event. Dig on some eye candy.

Mother's Day UK Poster Art Revealed

Without becoming too much of a cynic today, Darren Bousman's Mother's Day remake is a film I doubt very much American audiences will have the opportunity to see theatrically (at least in any type of wide capacity). Having said that, it does look like a solid suspense film, one that's sold quite nicely on this UK one-sheet.

UK Trailer Debut and Stills - Darren Bousman's Mother's Day

The wonders of the way this business works never cease to amaze us. Case in point? Darren Bousman's Mother's Day. Originally slated for a April premiere from Gigapix, we got nothing. Not even a rescheduled date. Our friends across the pond, however? In UK cinemas on June 10th. Sigh.

Spanish Mother's Day Trailer Home to Lots of New Footage

While we all wait patiently to find out just when Darren Boudaman's Mother's Day will make it to theatres here in the States, a new Spanish trailer has arrived, and it's home to lots of stuff you guys haven't already seen. Dig it! Look for more on Mother's Day (review here) very soon.

Darren Bousman Updates Us on Mother's Day Remake - Exclusive New Bloody Still

A few months ago we announced that Darren Bousman's long awaited remake of Mother's Day would be released theatrically on April 1st. After noticing things went eerily quiet, we reached out to Bousman to see if it was still coming.

Hot New Clip From Bousman's Mother's Day

A new clip from Darren Bousman's long awaited remake of Mother's Day showed up online today showcasing exactly how crazed mother and her boys are this time out! Dig it! Mother's Day will be in theatres on April 1st. Synopsis

Leaked Sales Trailer for Mother's Day

An international sales trailer used at last November's AFM for Darren Bousman's forthcoming remake of Mother's Day has leaked online, and if you're curious you can now get your first glimpse of footage from the film.