Jack the Ripper

IDW Announces New Three-Issue Series from Steve Niles: Monster & Madman

Visionary author and celebrated comic creator Steve Niles is returning to IDW in 2014 and bringing the most nefarious fiends with him. Debuting in March, Niles weaves together a grave team-up between Frankenstein’s monster and Jack the Ripper in the terrifying new series Monster & Madman.

Is The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper Fact or Fiction? You Decide!

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the murders of at least five women in London’s Whitechapel district in the fall of 1888 at the hands of elusive serial killer Jack the Ripper. A bound manuscript sheds new light on one of the greatest cold cases in history.

Ripper Street Renewed for a Second Season on BBC One/BBC America

While not really a horror series, "Ripper Street" still has a lot to offer genre fans, so while we've cut back on our coverage of the show following its premiere on BBC America, some good news has come in that we just have to share!

Look Inside the Dead Room of BBC America's Ripper Street

We're just a few days away from the premiere of "Ripper Street," and BBC America has released a look inside H Division's new "Dead Room." In the aftermath of the Jack the Ripper murders, will this 19th Century forensics studio help our heroes keep order in the blood-stained London Streets?

Get a Sneak Peek of the Opening Moments of Ripper Street

This coming Saturday, January 19th, "Ripper Street" premieres on BBC America, and we have a look at the opening three minutes of the show right here. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Whitechapel!

Learn a Bit More about Captain Jackson from BBC America's Ripper Street

BBC America has rolled out another "getting to know you" video for "Ripper Street" - spend some time with Adam Rothenberg, who portrays Captain Homer Jackson on the show. He's a "jack-of-all-trades on the darker side of the spectrum," a "catch-all of old iconic American imagery."

Time to Meet Another Character from Ripper Street: Sergeant Drake

"Game of Thrones" fans love him as Bronn, but Jerome Flynn has another role he wants you to know about. He portrays Sergeant Bennet Drake on BBC America's "Ripper Street," whom he describes as "a refined musclehead." Learn more about him in this new promo video for the show.

Meet Inspector Reid in New Promo for Ripper Street

Ready to learn a bit more about the lead character in BBC America's "Ripper Street," Inspector Edmund Reid, played by Matthew Macfadyen? Then get comfortable and check out this latest promo video for the series, which kicks off on Saturday, January 19th.

Another Look Inside BBC America's Ripper Street

We have just a few days to fill before the premiere of "Ripper Street" on BBC America, and the network has released another inside look at the new series - one which promises to be: "Gritty, Raw, Sweaty & Sexy!"

Get a Look Inside Ripper Street from BBC America

We have yet another video to share this fine Thursday... take a look inside "Ripper Street," BBC America's new series. Hear from the stars, as well as writer/creator Richard Warlow, and get to know the complex characters in this gritty drama thriller.

New Trailer for Ripper Street Follows in Jack's Footsteps

Another dark and dank crime drama from the UK is heading our way on BBC America, "Ripper Street," and a new trailer has arrived that introduces us to Detective Edmund Reid, one of the detectives who were on the Jack the Ripper case and are now picking up the pieces.

Sideshow Adds a Jack the Ripper Premium Format Figure to The Dead Collection

Sideshow is releasing a horrifying interpretation of Jack the Ripper's true identity: a being transforming between the world of men and the realm of the undead. The Jack the Ripper Premium Format Figure comes our way in May 2013.

Jack's Back as BBC One Takes Us to Ripper Street

There are few serial killers as infamous as Jack the Ripper. The simple fact that his killing spree remains unsolved is the stuff of legend. A new show coming from BBC One is looking to add a procedural spin to the famous tale. Are you ready to visit "Ripper Street"?

Sideshow's Journey to Comic-Con 2012 Begins with Jack the Ripper

Like most of us, Sideshow Collectibles is heading to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, and they've slowly begun rolling out info on what they'll be bringing to the big show. On tap for today is a production peek of their Jack the Ripper Premium Format figure.

Hammer Films to Develop and Produce Ian Fried's Gaslight

Talk about timing! Just last night I jokingly accused someone of trying to "Gaslight" me, and now comes word of a new project coming our way from Hammer Films with the same title. Read on for details!