Tame the Beast in Minion Master

Minion Master is a collectible card game that will have players taming wild beasts to become the master of the game. BitFlip Games has released a new Lite version of the title that is FREE! Now is the time to add this winning card game to your deck!

Avernum 6 HD Arrives on iPad

Spiderweb Software, Inc. has announced the new release of Avernum 6 HD for iPad. The award-winning RPG takes players on a magical journey to the world of Avernum that consists of a series of caves deep beneath the surface of the planet where the residents are constantly at war with underground monsters and other deadly threats.

Zombie Gunner Shoots a Hole in the App Store

GAMEVIL has revealed that their new title Zombie Gunner is now available at the App Store. Players will fight and shoot their way through this arcade-style apocalypse. Read on to learn more!

Monster Crew Coming Soon To The App Store

Monster Crew is a non-stop action platformer that has you smashing everything you see to build your monster deck. Destroy all types of creatures in order to solve the mystery and beat the game!

Humans VS Vampires Now Free at the App Store

Humans VS Vampires is a retro arcade game packed full of fear-inducing opponents. The game is currently FREE at the App Store and for only $.99, players can unlock 10 additional characters. Read on to learn more!

Zombie Ace Gets Major Update

Zombie Ace has received a massive update that will allow players to spread the infection even farther. The game is now available on iTunes and Google Play App Store. Read on to get into the high-flying action!

Monster Trouble: Dark Side Now Available for iOS Devices

Monster Trouble: Dark Side is now available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod for $3.99. Players will be tasked with controlling a horde of monsters and conquering the Great Lands to retrieve the rare talisman of the Moon Shadows. Read on to start your journey!

Alawar's Lost Head Now Available

Alawar has announced the release of its latest puzzler game, Lost Head. Players must help Franken-Stitch find his head through solving fun puzzles and putting the final stitches in place!

Jump Into Zombie Burst Today On iPad

Zombie Burst is now available on iPad for $1.99. The game will allow players to battle against the angry ghouls, and use their mighty fingers to squish them all to escape the city!

Exclusive Interview: Ndemic Creations' CEO James Vaughan Talks Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is an iOS strategy game that has dominated the mobile gaming industry. Players are tasked with ending humanity by evolving a deadly, global Plague. The title has sold over a million copies in the short time it has been available.

Aliens Abducted Taking Over on August 23rd

The iOS title Aliens Abducted is set to invade on August 23rd. Players will help aliens Moe, Barry and Marvin move around the world as they fight robots to earn stars in order to escape!

Critter Escape Scurrying To The App Store

Critter Escape is now available at the App Store. The game is a maze-chase that involves navigating the Critter past evil guards and obstacles to escape the experiments of the mad-scientist Simon Welk.

Win a Chance To Star in a Horror Movie

The upcoming horror film iBetween is offering you the chance to star in their film. If you have an iPhone, then you are one step closer to landing that big role. Read on to learn how you can enter!

Shoot The Zombirds Gets An Update

Infinite Dreams has announced that Shoot the Zombirds has received a major update that brings all new features to the game. Players will defend little Pumpkids against the hordes of undead birds. Read on to see what the new update has to offer!

Monster Trouble HD Anniversary Edition Now Available At The App Store

Monster Trouble HD Anniversary Edition will allow players to take control of simple country dwellers who must protect their town against fierce hordes of Goblins and Ogres. Read on to learn how you can build up your defenses against the monsters to come!