Roland Emmerich Won't Be Entering The Zone After All

Roland Emmerich is no stranger to gigantic spectacles of destruction, sure, but cancelled projects? That is something else entirely. Word has broken that his recently announced sci-fi project, The Zone is shutting down production just one week before filming.

Roland Emmerich Enters The Zone with New Alien Invasion Flick

Roland Emmerich is no stranger to gigantic spectacles of destruction. From the totally kick-ass ID4 to the hilarious disaster porn classic 2012, the guy knows how to destroy shit on a grand scale. Word just broke that he's working on another alien invasion flick that's poised and ready to let the mayhem commence.

Sundance 2010: Tyler Labine Talks What Could Have Been in Store for Invasion Fans

I don’t know how many other "Invasion" fans are out there, but I remember exactly how I felt after I watched what would end up being the series finale of the short-lived ABC show. It was as if someone had hit me upside the head with an aluminum bat and then did the Macarena on my skull.

Summit Entertainment Planning an Invasion

Rest easy, dearest reader. We're not talking about a bunch of shrill Twilight fans who are determined to prove that vampires do indeed sparkle. Instead we're looking at a bona fide alien invasion of the worst kind!

Day the Earth Stood Still, The (2008)

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