The Human Race Crosses the Finish Line to DVD

Coming on DVD July 22, 2014, is Paul Hough's acclaimed film The Human Race, and if you haven't managed to catch up with this one yet, do yourselves a favor and make it your business to. It's that damned good.

Robert Englund Teases The Last Showing

The first official teaser trailer in promotion of Robert Englund's latest endeavor into evil, The Last Showing, is here; and it is rocking a nice malevolent feel. We dig it! Will you? Check it out and let us know!

Exclusive - Robert LaSardo Opens the Doors to the Parlor

You know Robert LaSardo; some of you just don't know you know him. If you're a fan of horror or action movies or television, you've seen LaSardo's work, probably multiple times. In the new movie Parlor, LaSardo is finally getting his chance to be the leading man and carry a film.

First Trailer Takes You to Hatchet County

Let's address the 800-lb. gorilla in the room... Hatchet County has NOTHING to do with Adam Green's Hatchet franchise. Instead this is a beast of a different kind that's trying to make the same kind of impression.

Exclusive Clip Found in The Jungle

The release of Andrew Traucki’s (The Reef, Black Water) next tale of terror, The Jungle, is on the horizon; and right now we have an exclusive clip for you cats! Look for the film on DVD via Entertainment One on June 24th.

Draw Inspiration from Your First Look at The Muse

Where do you draw your inspirations from? Speaking personally, nothing kickstarts my day and gets me ready to work faster than the icy cold breath of death over my shoulder, but one day he'll catch up and there will be a price to pay. Speaking of paying...

More Footage Found in Come Back to Me

Attention, filmmakers... please stop finding footage. Too much has been found already. No one should be looking for more. The ship has sailed. Still... sometimes a gem can sneak through. Is Come Back to Me such a gem? It definitely uses said footage in a unique way. Watch the trailer and decide!

Final Push to Fill The Morturary Collection with Terror

There are plenty of Kickstarter success stories out there, and we hope that The Mortuary Collection ends up joining their ranks as it sounds completely badass! As of this writing the guys have 56 hours left to raise just $4,000! Read on to see if you wanna pitch in!

Crazy Bitches Live Vain and Die Ugly; Watch the Trailer

Last year actress Jane Clark made her feature directorial debut with Meth Head, which she follows up this year with the slasher flick Crazy Bitches. On tap for you today is the trailer for the horror comedy ahead of its premiere at next month's Outfest Film Festival. Dig it!

Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren Battle a Legendary Beast at Home!

Dolph Lundgren + Scott Adkins + Giant Beastie + Generic Artwork = Lionsgate's upcoming DVD release of Legendary. Look for it on DVD and VOD beginning on July 29th.

New Stills Travel the Devil's Mile

A pair of new stills from Joseph O'Brien's directorial debut, Devil's Mile, have arrived; and we have them right here for you along with the previously released goodies. Read on for all that you need!

Truth or Dare Gets a New Red Band Trailer and Artwork

A new red band trailer and one-sheet have landed with a splat in our email inbox for the extremely violent indie flick that's making a mess on the scene, Truth or Dare. We're gonna be cleaning up after it for days. Dig it!

New L.A. Slasher One-Sheet Features a Neon Maniac

Okay, so not really. There are no Neon Maniacs on the brand spanking new one-sheet for the upcoming flick L.A. Slasher. Not even the cool Samurai one. However, there is lots and lots of neon to light up your day in the darkest possible way.

New Poster for The Hunted Found Standing Around

On tap right now for you cats is the latest poster for the new movie directed by and starring Josh Stewart (The Collector, The Collection), entitled The Hunted. Check it out courtesy of Twitch, and look for more soon!

Dark House (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring CJ Thomason, Stephen Lang, Michelle Pierce, Corbin Bleu, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Charles S. Dutton