New Stills Serve Up Some Sherwood Horror

John Regan is nothing if not tenacious. We've been covering his project Sherwood Horror since 2009, with the last update given over four years ago. Still, he's holding on to his dream, and you have to appreciate that. Here's a pair of new stills from his upcoming proof of concept trailer, which we should see soon.

And the Oscar Goes to... ZOMBEAVERS!?!

With the Academy Awards right around the corner and films like American Hustle, Her, and Gravity getting all the love, Jordan Rubin's horror comedy Zombeavers is here to remind you that it's pretty friggin' deserving of an Oscar, too!

Come Face-to-Face with a Reaper in this Exclusive New Still from A Grim Becoming

We haven't heard much about Adam R. Steigert's horror comedy A Grim Becoming since its trailer was released in November of last year, but a new still has arrived along with an update.

Dustin Mills Goes Skinless with Gory New Trailer and World Premiere Details

After bursting onto the scene with films like The Puppet Monster Massacre and Bath Salt Zombies, indie filmmaker Dustin Mills has now turned his attention to body horror, and his latest film, Skinless, promises buckets of blood and a whole lot of gooey practical effects.

Creepshow Meets Elvira in Hillbilly Horror Show Premiering March 1st

Hillbillies are just entertaining. Whether they're swimming in the ce-ment pond or drinking moonshine out of a jelly jar, they always seem to make you feel better about yourself. A new online series, Hillbilly Horror Show, is going to make you feel pretty good too. It launches March 1st.

Go Behind the Scenes of The Crypt 3D

The Crypt is finally completed and will have its premiere on March 1st at the Fantasporto International Film Festival in Porto, Portugal, where it’s an official selection for the competition. To get you primed, we now have a cool behind-the-scenes video to dig on!

Second Trailer for Bombshell Bloodbath Brings the Carnage

The second trailer for the new zombie flick Bombshell Bloodbath has arrived with a splash, and we have it for you right here to help you slip and slide into the weekend. Check it out and love every second.

Casper Van Dien Is on a Higher Mission to Save Us from Russian Rat People - in 3D!

A 3D movie entitled Higher Mission starring Casper Van Dien as a US Senator trying to prevent corrupt Russian politicians from being transformed by God into giant rats, from the producer of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now? What an age we live in.

The Divine Tragedies Begins Filming; New Artwork!

Jose Pendres' new flick, The Divine Tragedies, has commenced filming; and to celebrate, we have an all-new one-sheet for you cats to ogle. Check it out, and look for more on this one soon!

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Infects Image Entertainment

The latest installment in the budding Cabin Fever franchise has finally been picked up for distribution here in the States, and we have all the bloody details for ya today. Dig in, fiends!

Take a Ride on the Zombie Safari

Whenever a big-time movie comes out, or is in the works, it's inevitable that a low-budget "mockbuster" will come along to capitalize on it and make a quick buck. Can't wait for Jurassic World? Then allow us to introduce you to Zombie Safari!

Chris R. Notarile Unleashing Smith on Aliens

Aliens can be real pains in the ass. Literally even. Though we have no idea just what their fixation is with the human anus, we are glad that someone, somewhere plans on kicking a little ass back! Enter Chris R. Notarile's new film, Smith.

She Kills Ron Bonk With a Supernatural STD-Infected Vagina

Many years ago my life was changed. Not by some tragedy or epiphany, but by a movie so wretched and boring it lives in infamy as what is no doubt the worst movie I have ever seen. That title is held by Ron Bonk's Strawberry Estates, and now... over a decade later THE BONK IS BACK!

Bryan Coyne and Jessica Cameron Are in Utero

Actress/director/producer/dynamo Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare) is back with another project, and we have all the details fit to gestate in your belly for nine months before erupting outward through an orifice that may or may not be the one of choice.

John Fallon's The Shelter Enters Post-Production; New Image

We've been following John Fallon's directorial debut for some time here on Dread Central, and we're happy to report that The Shelter has wrapped filming and is now balls deep into the post-production process. Read on for details and to check out a brand new still!