Bloody New Stills and Clip - Song of the Shattered

2010 is certainly the year of the woman as yet another tale of female driven rage and revenge is coming our way to rock the indie scene in, Song of the Shattered! Get ready for some new stills and a clip! From the Press Release

Trailer Debut - Get Your First Look at the Priest of Evil

Well, the devil certainly made a splash at the box office last weekend, though in the end big red was slightly edged out of the number one spot, but religious horror is now white hot again, and this latest flick turns the subgenre on its ear a bit by making a trusted savior into a menace! Check out the artwork, the plot crunch and the trailer for Olli Saarela's serial killer thriller Priest of Evil, or Harjunpää ja Pahan Pappi as it's known in its native tongue below. Synopsis

Follow the Blood Trail in the Second Clip from Jeremiah Sayys' Of Silence

Clip number two from Jeremiah Sayys' new indie fright flick Of Silence, which details one man's journey from grief to madness, has just shown up in our inbox, and we've got it for you right here tout de suite! Check out the goods below for the flick starring Jeremiah Sayys as Colby Van Poe, Masiela Lusha as Annabelle Van Poe, Ashlee Gillespie as Haley Van Poe, Matthew Lawrence as Brian Van Poe, and even more Van Poes below. For more visit the official Of Silence website here!

Charisma Carpenter Delves into Survival Horror with Crash Site

You know what we have outside our windows here at the Dread Central offices? Civilization. That's what. We've seen way too many movies where things have gone horribly awry because vacationers thought it would be cool to camp out in the middle of nowhere, and there's another one coming our way!

Indie Trailer Debut - The Melancholy Fantastic

A huge film favorite around the Dread Central offices is Lucky McKee's debut feature, May, which pretty much played as a national friggin' anthem for the misunderstood soul. A.D. Calvo's latest feature, The Melancholy Fantastic, looks to echo that film and up the ante in terms of freaky! Dig it!

Poster Debut: The Boogeyman is Coming out of the Closet (Yep, He Is!)

I have never read Stephen King’s short story The Boogeyman, but now that I know there’s a short film adaptation on the way, I’m going to have to seek it out post-haste! We’ve got a look at the poster today so come on in and check it out!

Sample a Bit of the Score from Fetch

One thing that can really make or break a horror film is the choice of music for its soundtrack, and no one is more aware of that than Fetch producer Theodore Loscalzo, who dropped us a line with a little behind-the-scenes info on the scoring process for the film along with a few clips of the types of music we can expect to hear in the finished product.

Two New Trailers - Juan of the Dead

Two new trailers showcasing Cuba's new zombie killing hero have surfaced online and honestly? They're pretty funny. Ready for more Juan of the Dead? Of course you are!

New One-Sheet and Images: Trent Haaga's Chop

Some more goodies have come to light regarding indie maven Trent Haaga's (writer of the acclaimed flick Deadgirl) latest slice of blood soaked carnage, Chop! Yes, dear reader, it is time for some production stills and the one-sheet!

Exclusive Set Visit: Zombies Take Over Hinnon Valley, Director Rick Greenwood Talks

A couple of weeks ago filmmaker Rick Greenwood tipped Dread off to his then currently shooting zombie feature Hinnon Valley, and we brought back a handful of behind-the-scenes photos from the Los Angeles-filmed production as well as some stills from principal photography.

Badass New Trailer and One-Sheet Debut - The Dead

Being absolute zombie movie aficionados, there are few upcoming projects that we're looking forward to here more than the Ford Brothers' The Dead. Shambling zombies in a foreign land attacking without prejudice? We're so there. To help kick off your weekend in style, we've gotten our hands on both the official trailer and one-sheet for this incredible looking new film. Dig it!

Second Trailer for Trick of the Witch Casts its Spell

Man, the folks behind this one aren't playing around. It was just over two weeks ago that we brought you the trailer for the new indie fear film Trick of the Witch, and already we have a second one locked and loaded.

More Sign Up to Get Infected!

Ah, zombie movies. They're like chocolate bars on your nightstand. You don't care how they get there ... when you find them, you're going to eat them. Such is the case with Glenn Ciano's new flesh-eater epic, Infected.

Spooky New Clip - Jeremiah Sayys' Of Silence

And the indie flavored goodness keeps flowing in as we have just gotten our hands on the first look at Jeremiah Sayys' new fright flick Of Silence, which details one man's journey from grief to madness!

Second Trailer for Dominic Perez's Evil Things

A new trailer for Dominic Perez's terror tale involving a group of college kids looking for a good time who have vanished without a trace has come our way courtesy of the director himself so we figured the right thing to do would be to turn your horror-loving eyes on to it!