Indie Zombie Film Highway 91 Now Available on DVD

We've been following the progress of indie filmmaker Sonny Fernandez's zombie opus Highway 91 for about six months now and are happy to report that it's finally available to purchase on DVD! To celebrate the occasion, he sent over a version of Dr. Smith's popular “Zombie Bitches Kicking People’s Ass” music video specifically recut for Highway 91.

Another Bigfoot Movie?!? Dear God No!

We can barely remember a time when Bigfoot was hotter. It seems as if every time that we turn around, another indie flick starring the crypto-based beast makes its way onto our desks. The next one up? Dear God No!, which features Bigfoot vs. bikers and a shitload of other weirdness that has us grinning from ear-to-ear. Okay, interest officially piqued.

The Undead Need a Hero! Ace the Zombie Be Thy Name!

Let's face it ... just because you're a rotting, shambling, undead thing with a hunger for human flesh doesn't mean that you don't need anyone to look out for you. Given their poor physical state, zombies probably need more help than anyone. Good thing for them that Ace is here.

Night Claws Scratches Out a Teaser and Official Site

About a month has gone by since last we told you about the new sliver of Sasquatchploitation coming our way known as Night Claws. This flick sounded like nothing short of chicken-fried gold, and now there are even more reasons to get excited!

Black and White Creatures Abound in Earwigs

Earwigs. They're just nasty, filthy, disgusting, evil little buggers. Even their name is awful and can send chills (entered through the ear) straight down the spines of people who just don't like insects. It was only a matter of time before someone put these pests on film, and filmmaker Bruce LeGrow has done so in grand fashion!

Tom Savini Paints the Screen Red for Two Aussie Films

Tom Savini got his start in the film business by creating some of the greatest F/X work horror movie fans have ever seen. As his career expanded, he left behind the latex and Karo syrup and began creating characters in a different manner ... by portraying them on screen. While that's cool and we love some of Tom's characters, we've been hungry for him to get back to F/X work.

Creature Proves Blood is Blood and Gets a New One-Sheet and Trailer

What's in a name? Apparently a lot as the latest movie about a badass swamp monster getting ready to maim everyone in its way is up to moniker number three, but it looks as if this one will be sticking!

Troma Celebrates Dad with a New Father's Day Trailer

Mother has had her day for far too long so Troma has unleashed yet another trailer for its upcoming splatter epic Father's Day. Get ready for another taste of the carnage to come.

Gooey New Zombie FX Take Center Stage Before Dawn

For our money in order to make a zombie movie good, the zombies themselves have to look bitchin'. All too often young indie filmmakers just apply powder and then stage blood onto folks and then claim them to be the living dead. That's akin to sticking plastic vampire teeth in your mouth and saying you're Dracula in terms of effectiveness.

More Details, Artwork, and Teaser Trailer for House of Purgatory

An update on another new indie film landed in our inbox this week. It's set around Halloween, our favorite time of the year, so of course we had to share! Read on for some more details, artwork, and a teaser trailer for House of Purgatory, written and directed by Tyler Christensen.

Jezebeth's World Premiere to Be Held in Chicago on June 5th

We received word recently that the world premiere screening of vampire horror film Jezebeth will be held at the Portage Theater in Chicago on Sunday, June 5, 2011. This historic theater can seat up to 1,400 people and has a giant screen that will bring the demon Jezebeth to viewers in a larger than life presentation.

Frankenstein: The Day of the Beast - First Images and Teaser Trailer

It's amazing how something so old can become new again. I guess it all boils down to how good the source material is, and as we all know, it doesn't get much better than the timeless tale of Frankensetin and his misunderstood creature.

Skew (2011)

Starring Robert Scattergood, Amber Lewis, and Richard Olak Written and directed by Seve Schelenz

Attack of the Herbals Puts the Tea in Terror

You know, we site here every day pretty much as jaded as can be, waiting for someone to shock us as we have just about seen it all. Then along comes an indie filmmaker with a premise for their flick so ludicrous that we have to pay attention. Case in point ...

Theatrical Trailer Debut - Fading of the Cries

A new trailer for Brian Metcalf's Fading of the Cries ended up in our inbox this morning in anticipation of the flick's June 24th Los Angeles and July 8th New York premieres from Eammon Films, and since you're all so very sexy, we've decided to share.