Creature Image Gallery Filled with Practical Goodness

We don't know about you guys, but we are really looking forward to the upcoming monster mash Creature. Hell, if only because it features Sid Haig and a guy in a rubber monster suit! Bring it on!

David Hayter to Walk The Devil's Mile

Question: What does Metal Gear Solid's lead character Solid Snake have in common with Watchmen and the first two X-Men films? That's a real head scratcher, isn't it? The answer is David Hayter.

Official Trailer for Comforting Skin Shows Off Some Fresh Ink

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment. It has to say something about you and really mean something. It is art that defines you. But what happens when your tattoos take on a life of their own? Comforting Skin, whose trailer just dropped, poses such a question.

Juliet Rylance in Talks for New Scott Derrickson Found Footage Movie

Ok, so we have a studio, a director, a producer, and a star. What could be next? A title maybe? Oh silly you! Of course not! That will come later down the road but we do have the skinny on who else is in talks for Scott Derrickson's ultra-hush-hush film!

Teaser Trailer Debut - Lucifer's Angels

Last Monday we brought you the first word on the latest indie terror tale, Lucifer's Angels, and as promised we now have the first teaser trailer for you guys to dig on! Check it out!

Last Call For Submissions to Screamfest LA Horror Film Festival 2011! Move it!

The clock is quickly ticking down to the deadline for film submissions to Screamfest LA Horror Film Festival 2011. For those of you who need a refresher as to what this film festival can do for your career, we've got two words for you: Paranormal Activity.

Death Stop Holocaust Screening and DVD Signing in Columbus

Can't get enough of the eerie white van and its psychotic inhabitants from Justin Russell's disturbing romp Death Stop Holocaust? Then you, you lucky twisted bastards of the Buckeye City, Columbus, Ohio, are in for a big, bloody surprise!

Danger After Dark Relaunches with Satan Hates You

We haven't heard much out of the Danger After Dark label in the last couple of years, but they have come back with a vengeance. Seeking to re-launch the line the brought us Summer Scars and Suicide Club, TLA Releasing has acquired the US and UK distribution rights for the award-winning Satan Hates You.

Hidden 3D Trailer Uncovered

There hasn't been much to report on Hidden 3D over the last couple of months, but alas, it will be hitting home video in the UK August 29th from E1. Know what that means? It's trailer time! Hidden 3D is directed by Antoine Thomas and stars Sean Clement, Simonetta Solder, Jordan Hayes, Jason Blicker, and Bjanka Murgel. Dig on the plot crunch below. Synopsis

A Whale of a Killer, He Makes Jaws Look Like Flipper, It's Super Shark!

Last week may have been “Shark Week” on TV, but this music video trailer for Fred Olen Ray’s Super Shark set to the tune of a blacksploitation styled theme song composed and performed by legendary R&B crooner Harvey Scales is the true discovery.

Another Amazing One-Sheet for Dear God No!

Not since the Eighties has a single bit of artwork had us so pumped up for a movie. Hell, good artwork can get us to watch just about anything around these parts, and once you lay eyes on the latest one-sheet for the upcoming Sasquatchploitation flick Dear God No!, we're sure you'll agree.

First Details on Lucifer's Angels

Not all angels are from heaven. Well of course not! It really depends on what your definition of angel is. For us it's anyone who'll show up at our door with an armload of horror Blu-rays and a pizza. Catch our drift? Still, the subject of the moment here is the new indie flick Lucifer's Angels so without further ado ...

Three Video Teasers, Poster, and Synopsis for Caveat

We got word recently about Caveat, an indie project that's coming out of central Pennsylvania produced by husband and wife team Jason and Julie Ufema under their newly formed Group 13 Productions company. Read on for more details, including the poster and three teaser trailers.

Maria Olsen Joins the Cast of The Road Killer

The cast for the upcoming horror film The Road Killer, a thriller about a town terrorized by a series of hit and runs, has expanded by one - Maria Olsen (Shelter, Die-ner (Get It?), Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) has signed on to play Lieutenant Meyers' wife, Lilith.

New Opus Trailer Hits Online - I Know We SAW This Before

Well, here we are again. Seven strangers. Secluded location. Deadly games. One madman controlling everything. Sound vaguely familiar? Yep, it does to us, too. Here's hoping that Micah Levin's new flick Opus can rise above the standard fare.