Clown Trailer Ready to Tear Out Your Funny Bone

The Film Stage just checked in with the trailer for the Eli Roth-produced flick Clown starring Peter Stormare (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Fargo) and Laura Allen (From Within, The Collective). Check it out if you dare!

Vincent J. Guastini Offers an Inside Look at His Effects for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Hopefully your breakfast is sitting well because after seeing these latest effects shots from Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, you're likely to lose it. As for lunch... don't even bother.

Sasquatch Strikes in Found Footage Flick Cheaha

In the fall of 2010, two hikers set off into the forest of Mt. Cheaha, Alabama, never to return again... So begins the latest in a nauseatingly long string of found footage films, this one written and directed by Ron Hudson and centering around our old friend Sasquatch.

Big Ass Spider! Spins its Web in L.A. this Weekend; Mike Mendez and Company Speak!

Although my three days as a glorified extra on the set of Big Ass Spider! were indeed grueling and it turns out I'm onscreen for just a blink-and-you'll-miss-it blip, it was fun. I just love being on set. Not only that, on Big Ass Spider! I was among friends.

Walmart Fears Mike Mendez's Ass - Censors Big Ass Spider! Artwork; New Clip!

You never know what you're gonna find in Walmart. Among all the chicks with Wolverine-like sideburns and Nascar jackets, our own Foywonder came across the Blu-ray for Mike Mendez's latest flick, Big Ass Spider! (review), and noticed a pretty interesting (and senseless) change to it.

Daddy's Little Girl Crawls to Home Video

Never mind cold... revenge is a dish best served bloody, and that's exactly what we're gonna get from Breaking Glass Pictures' latest release, Daddy's Little Girl. Read on for all the details you need, the trailer, and more.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Poised to Infect the UK

Attention, friends across the pond! Get out your disinfectant because Cabin Fever: Patient Zero will be spreading across the UK on March 17, 2014, from Signature Entertainment.

A Once Haunted Dark House Opening in March

Way back in November of 2011 we told you about Haunted, a Victor Salva flick starring Saw's Tobin Bell. Years passed. Things changed. The flick has a new title, Dark House (not to be confused with the kick-ass Darin Scott film of the same name), and it's on its way home.

Witness Reminiscence: The Beginning with First Trailer

"Based on true physics events and black hole theories," begins the trailer for Reminiscence: The Beginning before launching into a series of increasingly bizarre and creepy images. Nose-less demons, vaginal stabbings...

New NOT SAFE FOR WORK Circus of the Dead Images

We really can't think of a better way to kick off 2014 than with more eye candy of Bill Oberst, Jr., playing an evil clown and lots of full frontal nudity. Yep, just another day here at Dread Central.

Exclusive New Stills and Artwork Emerge from the Muck

Practical effects are the name of the game in Muck, a throwback horror flick that will eventually come to be the middle part of a trilogy of tales. Today we've got a handful of brand new stills along with some nifty comic book-style artwork for ya, so dig into the Muck!

Jessica Cameron's Truth or Dare Having Hollywood Premiere January 10

What could be more fun than sitting around with a bunch of like-minded horror junkies like yourself, in your PJs, watching an award-winning horror film make its Hollywood premiere? Well, that's just what filmmaker Jessica Cameron has in store for you at the Truth or Dare premiere on January 10.

ColdWater (2013)

Starring Ivan Djurovic, Sanny Van Heteren, James Duval, Rick Irwin Written by Dave Parker and Ivan Djurovic Directed by Dave Parker

Start the New Year Off With a Scream! See Dave Parker's ColdWater in L.A.

Director Dave Parker (a Dread Central favorite) is gearing up to screen his latest film, ColdWater (review), as part of the New Hollywood Film Festival, and if you're in Los Angeles next week, you should make it your business to be there!

Teaser Trailer Reveals a Stranger in the Dunes

Last we saw of Delphine Chaneac, she was making love to Adrien Brody and sprouting wings in 2009's Splice. The beautiful French actress returns to the horror genre later this year in Stranger in the Dunes, for which the teasing has officially begun.