Millennium Bug, The (2011)

Starring John Charles Meyer, Jessica Simons, Christine Haeberman Written and directed by Kenneth Cran

Millennium Horror Flick Features Octomom, Nadya Suleman

As if the real life horrors of the Octomom and her horde of tiny nogoodniks weren't enough, someone has seen fit to put Nadya Suleman and her giant sized uterus in the movies. The wonders never cease, kids!

The Sacred Coming to DVD; Full Image Gallery

It's been a long while since last we spoke about The Sacred, but the flick is getting set to hit DVD in November, 2011 via Osiris Entertainment (look for a firm date soon), and we've got a full image gallery and even the artwork for you! Dig it!

ColdWater (2011)

Starring Ivan Djurovic, Sanny Van Heteren, James Duval, Rick Irwin Written by Dave Parker and Ivan Djurovic Directed by Dave Parker

New Short Film Catches Us Red-Handed

Ah, burglars. You are so cute with your sinister looking masks and your grabby fingers. I've been a big fan for years. The Hamburglar, incidentally, was my all-time favorite masked man. And it's a pair of pilfering siblings that we focus on in the new short Red-Handed.

A Truly Primitive Trailer; Sasquatch Invades Vegas!

Time for a heaping helping of some good old fashioned Sasquatchploitation, kids! The trailer for director Benjamin Cooper's Bigfoot opus, Primitive, is here along with the skinny on how you can catch the flick in Vegas!

Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust Rocks Screens

Lift your glasses to Paul Morrell, the director of Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust. The man had a good weekend. The indie film was screened in 11 theaters and had a nice haul.

First Info, Art, and Trailer - Black Eve

Who's ready for some more murderous Halloween-themed hijinx? Good, because that's exactly what's on tap for the latest indie flick to hit our radar, Black Eve. Read on for all the details and eye candy you need.

Teaser Trailer Arrives for Ouija Thriller I Am ZoZo

The Ouija board: harmless toy made by Hasbro (or Parker Brothers if you're old school) or supernatural, portal-opening demon magnet? Whether you believe the Ouija board is nothing more than the product of group hysteria or the actual equivalent of a bug-light for evil spirits, the filmmakers of I Am ZoZo want you to take a look at the teaser trailer for their new film. You might change your mind.

The Devil's Mile Wraps! First Still Appears!

We've been talking about indie flick The Devil's Mile for a while now around these parts, and some good news has come our way for those looking forward to it. Read on for all the details as well as the very first still!

Hit the Slopes with Blood Lodge

All children of 80's horror will certainly remember Blood Beach and Blood Diner, and now the good people at Graffiti Playhouse Productions bring us a vision of the undead invading a tourist-soaked ski resort entitled Blood Lodge. Again, for those of you, like me, who cut your teeth on 80's films, think Return of the Living Dead meets Hot Dog...The Movie, indie style.

The Lizardman Walks Among Us

At the end of my very negative review of Creature, I wrote that I like old school monster movies and want to support such films so long as they’re better than Creature. Hopefully Lizardman can deliver on the rubber suit gillman fun I was hoping for last month.

What Horrors Lurk in This Latest Anthology?

More spooky indie shenanigans are on the way with the first word on the latest horror anthology Lurk, and we have everything you need to whet the old proverbial appetite right here!

Monsters in the Woods Lands a Distributor; New Stills, Poster, and Trailer

It's been about a year since we've gotten an update on Jason Horton's Monsters in the Woods, but today the writer/director dropped us a line to let us know the film has landed a distributor and gotten itself a new poster and trailer. He also provided a couple of new stills for us to share.

Trespass at Your Own Risk Preps for Filming

The people behind Big Daddy Horror Reviews are throwing their hat into the filmmaking ring. No longer will they just be critiquing movies; they said, "Step aside, we can do this ourselves." And although filming for Trespass at Your Own Risk doesn't begin until 2012, they have a something really impressive up their sleeve…