Vampires Run Amok During World War II in The Bleeding

We heard from the fine folks behind the WWII vampire project The Bleeding (not to be confused with Charlie Picerni’s direct-to-video action horror film that starred Michael Matthias, Vinnie Jones, DMX, and Michael Madsen) a little while ago with an update and some fresh promo art for you. Get the skinny and the eye candy below!

First Details and a Teaser Trailer for E.J. Meyers' Adaptation of Stephen King's The Ten O'clock People

Shooting this fall in Providence, Rhode Island, The Ten O'clock People is an independent film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story of the same name. The film, a chilling cross between horror and film noir, will offer a 21st century twist to classics like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Haunted Poland Director Comes Up with The App Killer

Haunted Poland director Pau Masó is gearing up to bring more horror to audiences with the next flick on his bloody plate, The App Killer, and we've got the first details and teaser art. Check it out!

Leslie Easterbrook Talks Deception

While we eagerly await more news on the latest indie effort featuring a genre-centric cast from filmmaker Ruben Rodriguez, Deception, the official website has been updated with a special message from the always lovely Leslie Easterbrook. Check it out.

Get Ready for a Bloody Homecoming!

Here at Dread Central we LOVE homecomings. Especially those that result in violence, chaos, sex, and destruction. Come on! Don't be so prudish! According to the Mayans we only have a year left to live! Go out with a bang!

Be a Sucker for this Clip

To say that we're just a little excited for the premiere of Michael Manasseri's nature-run-amok monster movie Sucker is a bit of an understatement. To further get you in the mood for some monster-filled action, the first clip is finally here!

Swedish Slasher Flick Blood Runs Cold Finds Distro

My blood runs cold ... my memory has just been sold ... my ange... What? Oh sorry. In any event word has just come down that Bloody Disgusting Selects has acquired its next flick, the Swedish Slasher opus Blood Runs Cold. Read on for details.

Things Getting Hairy for Ti West

When it comes to director Ti West (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers), we'll watch anything he churns out. If only to see how he dispatches Larry Fessenden (we missed that in The Innkeepers, however). But seriously ...

New Teaser Images Help You Experience the Chill

The good folks over at Mouse Nest Productions dropped us a line to let us know that principal photography has officially wrapped on their feature length horror film Chill! Even cooler? The flick's Facebook page has been updated with lots of new images!

The Dead Hour Begins Second Season! First Teaser Trailer!

When it comes to web series, it seems as if everyone and their grandmother has one either online now, in production, or just getting started. That's why we use a lot of discretion when reporting about them and only bring you the good stuff. Case in point: "The Dead Hour".

The Lashman Comes in Assorted Colors

Several new variant one-sheets for the new indie horror flick from Red Headed Revolution Pictures, The Lashman, just landed in our inbox, and of course we have the straight dope for you right here.

Haunting First Look at The Whispering Dead

Another found footage film is on its way to tantalize our aural senses, and we've got your very first look at the spookiness to come once The Whispering Dead start making some noise.

Mother's Blood Teaser Trailer Released

So you say you've been in a horrendous car accident? Your beauty and overall good nature have been viciously wrenched away from you? This is exactly the situation an attractive socialite, Vivian, finds herself facing in the upcoming film Mother's Blood. But that's nothing a little deal with a mysterious gypsy can't fix ... right?

Despite Microscopic Budget The Battery Trailer Impresses

What does $6,000 buy these days? A house? Not likely. A car? Nothing you'd want to trust on a long trip. How about the total production cost of a full-length zombie film? Surely you jest. I jest not…and don't call me Shirley (sorry, had to be done). Yes, folks, filmmaker Jeremy Gardner and his four-person crew did just that: shot a feature-length zombie film entitled The Battery for $6K, and they've got an impressive trailer to prove it.

A Sneak Peek of the Companion TV Special for Creature

Creature, opening in theaters on September 9 and starring Mehcad Brook, Serinda Swan, and Sid Haig, will have a companion 30-minute TV special called "Anatomy of a Creature" that will air from this Sunday, August 28, up until the theatrical release date in markets around the US.