Official Image Gallery for Apart Now Online

Another flick that will be seeking distro at this year's AFM is Aaron Rottinghaus' Apart, and we've gotten our claws into lots of new imagery from it for ya. Check it out!

Spooky New Motion Poster for Yam Laranas' The Road

Director Yam Laranas' latest film The Road is one super strange looking little movie, and we absolutely love it for being so! Yet another piece of the supremely weird puzzle has made its way online, and while we're not sure what the hell is going on exactly, we do know that it can't possibly be good!

First Look at the Teaser Trailer for Opious

Producer Jeremiah Sayys dropped us a line this evening with an update on his latest project, Opious, which was written and directed by his producing partner, Sheila Ryan. We have for you the flick's poster art and a teaser trailer along with the official synopsis.

New Artwork and First Clip for Cornered

More new artwork and even the first clip have come our way from the upcoming psycho chiller Cornered, and we have all the goods for you right here and awaiting your perusal. Dig it!

A Look at The Year After Infection

Forget 28 days or weeks later ... in this latest zombie apocalypse film we're looking at the events that took place during The Year After Infection. Read on for your first details and even a trailer.

Grim Night - Don't Fear the Reaper My Ass!

What if you knew death was coming down to the very day it arrives? How could you prepare? Who would you talk to? Can anything stop it? These are the questions asked by the new film coming to us from the man behind The Strangers, Bryan Bertino, and we have a look at the first ever promo video for the film right here.

Exclusive Teaser Clip from Jeremiah Sayys' Of Silence

It's been a couple of months since we've heard anything from Jeremiah Sayys regarding his upcoming film Of Silence, but to make up for it, he's provided Dread Central with an exclusive teaser clip. Dig it!

Troma Goes Theatrical with Father's Day

Yes, you read that correctly. Come Friday, January 13th, 2012, Troma's latest masterpiece, Father's Day, will be headed to theatres. Of course the good folks over at the house that Toxie built didn't specify how many theatres or where yet, but we'll keep listening!

Screamfest 2011: Slasher Flick Madison County Gets an Encore Screening this Thursday, October 20th

If you haven't made it out yet to the 2011 Screamfest Film Festival that's currently under way, then Los Angeles-area horror fans, you have been missing out!

Jurassic Shark Preparing to Make You Chum

Did you see that story in the news today about the cyclops shark that was discovered? You just know that’s going to be turned into a Syfy original movie in the next 24 months. In the meantime, a Jurassic Shark is rising from the depths to take a bite out of shark movie watchers.

Stinging Second Trailer for Sucker

Get out your bug zappers, kids! You're gonna be in for a rough night once the latest man-turned-bug run amok flick, Sucker, comes flying your way. Sit back, relax, and prepare to get itchy as trailer number two is finally here! Check it out!

A Full Trailer Out to Kill Keith

The full trailer for the upcoming UK horror comedy Kill Keith has come our way, and we have every (literally) sidesplitting moment of it for you right here. Dig it!

Update: Joshua Hull Talks Next Week's Beverly Lane DVD Release; Exclusive Video Clip Premiere!

Since its completion, writer/director Joshua Hull's zombie comedy Beverly Lane has been taking the indie horror world by storm; not only did it recently win "Best Horror Film" at the GIF Festival, but it was also nominated for five Golden Cob Awards earlier in 2011, with Hull being named "Best Emerging Filmmaker" as well. Hull recently announced his plans to self-distribute Beverly Lane, and with the flick's impending bow on October 25th, Dread Central caught up with him to get a few words on the DVD home release.

Tape 407 Theatrical Screenings and Signing Event Info

In true indie fashion Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions' Tape 407 has lined up a few very limited theatrical screenings across the US for this Halloween season along with a signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California. Read on for details.

Gut Home to Some Really Ugly Secrets

Another new indie flick has hit our radar that's as full of strangeness as it is promise. Coming from up-and-coming filmmaker Elias is Gut, a tale of two friends with a ghastly bond. Read on for details, artwork, and an impressive trailer.