AFM 2011: Time to Start Hunting Greys

We're not talking about hunting wolves or even the elderly (though sometimes we'd really like to, especially when they're arguing over 3 cents at the supermarket); we're talking aliens, man! Spacemen! Probers! Read on for the first details and art.

Unique Dark Fantasy Comedy Apocalypse, CA Coming December 13th

Okay, answer this one. What has a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth, a 300-foot tall woman, mind-bending drugs and all-out gun battle? If you said Apocalypse, CA, the upcoming film with a December 13 DVD release date, then you are absolutely right! (And probably a bit psychic…how could you know that?)

Tobin Bell Ready to Be Haunted

More casting news is coming in for Victor Salva's next film Haunted. One of horror's true class acts has joined the spooky festivities, and we have all the details for you right here. Dig it!

Popularity Killer Proves it Isn't Always Good to Be the Cool Kid

Ah, the cool kids. They do carry quite a burden. It's not easy having perfect hair and teeth and keeping that sports car looking shiny when they're banging cheerleaders on the hood every night. Cool kids have their crosses to bear. Unfortunately, in Popularity Killer things get a little tougher for them when a serial killer comes after their perfect asses.

AFM 2011: Terror Takes up Residence in The Guest Room

Even more sales art is here for you horror-loving hounds looking to sniff out all the latest and greatest terrors. Next up to bat is some eye candy for The Guest Room. Check it out!

AFM 2011: Demonic New Stills From The Devil's Rock

We've all been waiting patiently to park our collective asses upon The Devil's Rock. It's been a while, but it is coming. In the interim dig on these new stills.

Check Out the Mysterious Swamp Foetus

I often mention the fact that from time to time we get some curious correspondences in the ol' Dread Central mailbox. And today was one of those days. A very mysterious email arrived with a subject line that simply said "Swamp Foetus: A Film". Being the curious soul that I am, I dug a little deeper ... check this out.

Here's Your Chance to Be an Extra in Victor Salva's Haunted

The good people at Bloody Disgusting have just announced a contest in which the grand prize winner will be flown to the set of Victor Salva's newest film, Haunted, and used as an extra. And all you have to do is click your mouse a couple times. Not a bad trade. Come and get it!

AFM 2011: Mega Badass Sales Art for Mega Spider

One flick we're dying to see around these parts is the latest creature feature from madman Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) entitled Mega Spider, and after seeing this new one-sheet, we're pretty sure you're gonna feel the same way!

Mouse Nest Productions Has Chill Iced and Ready to Serve

Being in upstate New York and having watched the snow pile up when I should have been out shaking my moneymaker at the Saturday night Halloween parties, "Chill" is the last word I want to hear. But after checking out a clip from the film carrying that title, which makes its premiere on December 1st in Akron, Ohio, I found myself thawing on the whole thing... and we've got that very clip for you right here!

Director Ryan M. Andrews Is Ready to Get Sick

Ryan M. Andrews is preparing to dive into the post-apocalyptic world for his upcoming film Sick. Featuring a diverse cast of newcomers and veterans (including scream queen and Doctor Gash's #1 crush Debbie Rochon), Sick begins spreading the disease as cameras start rolling this week in Toronto.

Dare You Become Part of Project 11?

The real world and the virtual world have a tendency to blend, causing all manner of chaos to befall anyone and everyone in its way when such an occurrence transpires. Nowhere is that going to be more apparent than in Project 11.

Orphan Killer, The (2011)

Starring David Backus, Diane Foster, Matt Farnsworth, Spencer List Written and directed by Matt Farnsworth

AFM 2011: First Details and Sales Art - Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver

Grief can make you do all sorts of stupid things. As a matter of fact, during the grieving process you shouldn't be doing anything other than giving yourself a chance to heal. But hey! This is the world of horror movies, man! You just lost your dad? Why not go spelunking?!?

Badass New Madison County Artwork!

Following a very successful run at this year's Screamfest LA, and just in time for Halloween, comes a tasty bit of new artwork in support of the pigheaded new slasher flick Madison County! Drink in the goods!