New Trailer Teases Bikini Girls vs. Dinosaurs

Word of Bikini Girls vs. Dinosaurs, filmed in "Fabulous DinoRama2DVision," landed in our inbox a while back, and since then we've been eagerly anticipating seeing bikini-clad superwomen fight dinos and search for plutonium. Now we have a taste of the goods to come.

Trailer for Horror Love Letter Son of Ghostman Is Sure to Make You Smile

Our own Scott Hallam recently wrote that Son of Ghostman (review) should without a doubt be watched by all horror fans, despite the fact that it's not really a horror film. Rather, it's a love letter to horror films and the fans like us who simply cannot get enough of them.

Peter and the Colossus Eyeball a New Poster

A new one-sheet in promotion of indie filmmaker Mitchel Viernes' new practical effects extravaganza, Peter and the Colossus, is here; and it stokes our love for men in monster suits over CGI tenfold. Check it out!

Jezebeth 2: Hour of the Gun Takes a Shot on Blu-ray and DVD

Another Jezebeth flick in on the way entitled Jezebeth 2: Hour of the Gun, and we've got a load of stills, the artwork, and more for you right here. Check it all out!

Exclusive Trailer Premiere - Michael Steves' Clinger

There's an old saying... you always remember your first love. Even if you're dead, buried, and now floating about in a non-corporeal state. Hey, things happen, ya know? That's exactly the case in the upcoming horror comedy Clinger.

New Junk Clip Will Have You Dancing to the Music

Getting high and arterial spray. They go together like peanut butter and jelly to the discerning horror fan. Well, okay, maybe not to all of you, but this latest clip from Junk is home to a lot of the red stuff. Grab your mop and check it out!

Blanc/Biehn Productions Announces New Project Fembot

Blanc/Biehn Productions has announced another new project, Fembot, which will see a release date in the fall of 2015; and we have the early details for you right here, including a very familiar name listed among the film's credits.

Exclusive: Jose Prendes Shares His Divine Tragedies

On a special day of shooting writer-director Jose Prendes’ Divine Tragedies with the fantastic Ken Foree, Dread Central was invited to watch some... well… shooting. In the scene they were about to film, Foree’s character gets shot. Whether he lives or dies, we can’t say...

Slender Man to Haunt The Eidolon State

Slender Man has become an Internet sensation and even had a recent episode of "Supernatural" based upon his exploits, but now the Freeze Frame Films team is looking to take his haunting mythos to another level with the short film The Eidolon State.

Dinosaurs Abound in New Stills From The Expedition

Dinosaurs. You put them in ANYTHING and we will happily watch it! The next feature that is home to these real life monsters is The Expedition, and right now we have a bounty of new stills for you!

New Beacon Point Poster Goes Underground

A new one-sheet for the indie flick Beacon Point has arrived, and it perfectly illustrates how long buried fear can rise up to the surface to infect the lives of those who have the misfortune to tread upon sacred ground. Check it out!

Kevin Hamedani's Junk Feeds Your Horror Addiction

You know what happens, man... you and your buddies are sitting around getting high, and all of a sudden one of you says, "Yeah, man, let's make a horror movie." Sound familiar to you? Then you're bound to find a lot to like in Junk.

Red Gears Studios Announces Sorority of the Damned - We're In!

Filmmaker Joe Davison will be leading a gaggle of hotties in his upcoming film Sorority of the Damned. This horror-comedy will take a look at the age-old good girls turned witches theme and give it a modern twist. Can't wait!

New Proxy Poster Takes a Look Inside

The final one-sheet hit the Internet for director Zack Parker's horror feature Proxy (review). Look for the flick on VOD April 18 with a DVD release to follow.

Latest L.A. Slasher Poster Has its Way with a Hollywood Icon

On tap right now is a brand spanking new one-sheet for the upcoming flick L.A. Slasher that proves that after blondes have more fun, they usually end up tied to a chair and gutted. Such is life in the City of Angels.