Ultra-Low Budget Adds Realism To Dave O'Shea's Day Job

Dave O'Shea has a story to tell. For the last five years he's been creating Day Job, a low-budget offering illustrating how those brutal serial killers that have become part of American history seemed, at one time, to be just regular people walking among us. How fucking scary is that?

Donner Pass Finds its Way Home in a Couple of Weeks

The latest twist on the horrific events surrounding the group of hungry folks known as the Donner Party, entitled Donner Pass, is getting set to come home in a couple of weeks, and we've got all the info you need right here. Eat up!

Eye Open Pictures to Resurrect Frankenstein

We recently landed the first trailer and some behind-the-scenes eye candy for director Jordan L. Salkil's newest imagining of Mary Shelley's classic tale Frankenstein. After stitching things up nice and tight and jolting them with a bit of lightning, we're now ready to share.

Anchor Bay Takes in The Victim

Fans of the great Michael Biehn will be happy to hear that his latest film, The Victim, has found a North American home, and that means we'll be seeing it soon! Dig on the official details!

A Mysterious Stranger Suffers From Separation Anxiety

Dropping straight down from our neighbors to the North, the Canadian independent feature Separation brings us the story of a couple initially struggling to save their marriage, then struggling to save their lives. (There's the quote for the back of your DVD, guys!)

New Still and Clip Online for Indie Feature Film Chill

Those eagerly anticipating the upcoming indie feature Chill from Mouse Nest Productions know that Dread Central is the place to go for the latest information. Today we've got not only a new still from the film but also a second clip to share with you. Dig in!

Creepy Trailer for Haunted House Film Revenant Now Online

It seems that Revenant has become quite the popular film title recently. Aside from the horror-comedy zombie buddy flick starring David Anders and the revenge drama scheduled to film later this year with Sean Penn and Leonardo DiCaprio currently attached, we've just gotten word of an entirely new Revenant-entitled film. And this one focuses on a haunted house.

Festival Info and Fun New Trailer for A Little Bit Zombie

Thus far we've totally dug on everything we've seen coming out of the camp of Casey Walker's A Little Bit Zombie, but this latest trailer has us sold hook, line, and stinker! I know, bad pun; but damn, if you ever smelled a corpse up close, you'd be laughing. Then retching. Then hoping nobody noticed it was you who made such a mess.

Sand Sharks (UK DVD)

Starring Corin Nemec, Gina Holden, Julie Berman, Brooke Hogan Directed by Mark Atkins Distributed by Chelsea Films

Documenting the Grey Man Leads to Death

Stop us if you've heard this one ... several faux paranormal investigators end up encountering a very real, and very deadly, supernatural phenomenon which leads to them disappearing, leaving behind only their footage to tell their tale. Sound a bit familiar? Well, if you're willing to take the ride again, the new indie spooker Documenting the Grey Man has your hot ticket to Frightville.

Never Fear ... Tim Helsing is Here! Season 3 of I Am Tim Web Series Coming Soon

We've seen a rise in monster hunters lately. Going back to the unforgettable Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer a few years ago, we've recently had Dylan Dog: Dead of Night and of course those crazy kids over at "Death Valley." Now a new slayer of evil is looking to make a name for himself ... and he comes from a very impressive family. Gorehounds, meet Tim Helsing.

Be the First on Your Block to Own The Orphan Killer Mask

So here you are, sitting on a bunch of Christmas gift cards with nothing to buy. You got all the video games and movies you wanted from the big man in the red suit, and those pre-loaded Visas and MasterCards are burning a hole in your pocket. We've got just the item for you.

Official DVD and VHS(!) Specs and Artwork for The Sleeper

A few weeks ago we brought you the news that Justin Russell's Eighties inspired slasher film The Sleeper was headed to DVD and, yes, VHS, at the end of January; and now we've got the official artwork for both along with all the info that you need! Dig it!

Feast on Your High School Years with First Detention of the Dead Teaser Trailer

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will go to detention. That's the premise, well sort of, for the latest indie zombedy, Detention of the Dead, and we've got your first look at the teaser trailer right here.

Juan of the Dead Officially Starts Paddling to U.S. Shores

Some neat distribution news is coming in to kick off the first week of 2012. Festival favorite Juan of the Dead has officially been granted a green card and access to the United States. Read on for the details.