New Thanatomorphose One-Sheet Conjures Vaginal Overtones

Vaginas. Who doesn't love them? With this latest one-sheet for the indie flick Thanatomorphose, all we can think about are vaginas. Seriously, whatever it is I think I see, it becomes a vagina to me.

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Matthan Harris

Texas is a strange, strange place. Most horror fans think about chainsaws when you say the name Texas around them, and that's not a huge stretch from the truth. Bigger than many nations, Texas contains every variety of landscape and community found elsewhere in the US. It also contains no small amount of weirdness and weirdos. Inspired by the Texas Frightmakers panels at last year's Texas Frightmare Weekend as well as my love for my adopted home, I'm proud to introduce a series of monthly interviews called Texas Frightmakers.

Saw Meets The Office in Redd Inc. - See the Trailer NOW!

Sure, "The Office" isn't the same since Steve Carell left, but the Nard-Dog doesn't make that bad of a boss. And as much of a douche as he was as the boss of Initech in Office Space, Bill Lumbergh was more annoying than anything else. But Thomas Reddmann, now that's a bad boss.

There's a Cold Creepy Feeling Coming to DVD

There's a chill in the air. Something's just not right. Yep, it's dipped below 50 degrees here in sunny California! Sorry, can't resist mocking the weather of my Northeastern friends. Anyway, the aforementioned unsettling weirdness I am referring to is the release of a new flick called Cold Creepy Feeling: Paranormal Exorcism to DVD.

Inner Demon - Part 2 of Ursula Dabrowsky's Demon Trilogy - Begins Production

In 2009 indie filmmaker Ursula Dabrowsky completed the first installment of her "Demon Trilogy", the psychological horror film Family Demons, and now she has obtained financing to make the second installment, Inner Demon, with filming set to commence on January 30th.

Israeli Zombie Comedy Poisoned Headed Stateside

No matter your religious or political views on Israel, there is one thing you can't deny: The Israeli people are tough as hell. Not only did they develop the deadly Krav Maga fighting style, but they've been surrounded by their enemies since the beginning of time and continue to thrive. Now we have Israeli zombies to contend with. It's the perfect storm. Ouch.

New Artwork Takes Off and Horror Goes Airborne

Some new artwork is coming in for Dominic Burns' latest horror flick, Airborne, and we've got it for you right here with other assorted goodies. Set your tray tables in the upright position and take off!

Exclusive Clip from Donner Pass Brings the Violence

All right, kids! Time to add a little red to your hump day. Wow, in retrospect that sounded really dirty. In any event... on tap for you right now is a new and exclusive clip from Donner Pass. Bring your own mop. Things get kinda messy!

Deftone Pictures Studios Announces a Release Date and More Details for Ombis

A week or so ago we got the first word on DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis, which is being co-directed by Adam Steigert and Mark Mendola, and now we have more details on the locations being used for the shoot along with a projected release date and a few behind-the-scenes photos.

Exclusive Set Report and Image Gallery from Buddy Giovinazzo's Ginger

The first thought that came to mind upon arriving to director Buddy Giovinazzo’s then-shooting supernatural horror flick Ginger on Sunday, December 18 of 2011 was, “This looks like some place Charles Manson would have frequented back in the Sixties.” As I was to find, I was correct in that assumption, and as it turned out, Giovinazzo himself, too, was working hard to add yet another creepy chapter to the location’s storied past alongside Ginger stars Marc Senter and Elissa Dowling.

What Lurks on The Lost Island?

So you say you're a fan of mysterious, uncharted land masses in the hidden reaches of the ocean, but you've seen every episode of "Gillian's Island", and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is a bit too tame for you? Well, leave it to the French, who have been genre filmmaking all-stars lately, and prepare for The Island: The Castaways of the Lost Island (L'ile: Les Naufrages de la Terre Perdue).

Filmmakers in a Biting Match Over the Title Zombie

So what's in a name? A lot it seems if said moniker of choice happens to be Zombie. Two filmmakers. One title. Whoever wins, we're sure both will pale in comparison to Lucio Fulci's Zombie. Read on for the details of this little name game.

Lose Your Innocence to This Teaser Trailer

The question of what is or what is not reality can vary in some seriously spooky ways. Especially for our subjects in the new movie Innocence. Read on for your first details and a teaser trailer.

A New Trailer Looking for Some Playback

We're just weeks away from the February 3rd VOD release of the new supernatural spooker starring Christian Slater, Playback (with a March 9 theatrical release to follow), written and directed by Michael A. Nickles and based on true events (of course); and to celebrate, we've got a brand new trailer for you! Dig it!

Exclusive: The Stranger Inside Wraps; An Update from Star Sarah Butler

We caught up last Friday the 13th with actress Sarah Butler (star of last year’s Steven R. Monroe-directed feature I Spit on Your Grave) to chat with her regarding psychological thriller The Stranger Inside, which just previously had been filming in Copenhagen, Denmark, under the eye of writer/director Adam Neutzsky-Wulff. Read on for word on the production as well as to see a new batch of production stills.