IFC Midnight

New Proxy Clip Creeps Up On You

Another clip is here from Zack Parker's Proxy (review), and while it's not as brutal as the last, it definitely serves up the goods just as we like it! Check it out!

IFC Films Sets Home Video Date for Action-Packed Raze

Did The Raid 2 leave you hungry for more badass hand-to-hand combat? Well then, Raze (review) is precisely what the doctor ordered, serving up brutality and sexy ladies in equal amounts. Read on for home video release details, courtesy of IFC Films!

Contracted Sequel on its Way from Eric England

Eric England's Contracted (review) hit like a mighty punch to the jaw to the horror genre, and lord knows we were desperately in need of a good jolt. Now, like any good swing for the fences, a sequel is on its way as a means to recapture the agony and arterial spray!

IFC Midnight Goes Home

After a successful run at the South by Southwest Film Festival, the new film from director Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact), entitled Home, has found a home with IFC Midnight. Plans are to release it on VOD and in limited theaters later this year.

Brutal Opening Scene of Proxy Is Guaranteed to Shock You; Watch It Now

Horror movies aren't exactly supposed to make you feel good. They're supposed to shock you. They're supposed to terrify you. And they're supposed to show you just how evil and horrifying the world can be.

Exclusive Interview With Proxy Director Zack Parker

In his latest movie Proxy (review), indie filmmaker Zack Parker takes on some pretty brutal subject matter – the murder of a late-term fetus, lesbian obsession, secrets, lies, and stalkers. And that’s just for starters! Read on to see what Parker has to say about all this and more.

New Proxy Poster Takes a Look Inside

The final one-sheet hit the Internet for director Zack Parker's horror feature Proxy (review). Look for the flick on VOD April 18 with a DVD release to follow.

New Trailer Arrives By Proxy

Finally a trailer has hit the Internet for director Zack Parker's horror feature Proxy (review). Look for the flick on VOD April 18 with a DVD release to follow. Check out the trailer now.

IFC Sends Horror Home by Proxy

We told you months ago that director Zack Parker's horror feature Proxy (review) secured North American distribution via IFC Midnight, and now we finally have a release date for you! Look for the flick on VOD April 18 with a DVD release to follow.

Almost Human (2014)

Starring Graham Skipper, Vanessa Leigh, Josh Ethier Written and directed by Joe Begos

New Behind-the-Scenes Haunt Image Shows Off the Ghostly Goods

Our brothers in harm over at Bloody Disgusting scored themselves an exclusive behind-the-scenes still from Haunt, and it was just too wicked to not share with you cats. Look for Haunt on VOD now.

Exclusive: Joe Begos and Josh Ethier Talk Almost Human

For their first feature, Almost Human (review), director Joe Begos and actor/editor Josh Ethier have put together an ambitious, effects-heavy alien abduction story that’s as unrelenting as it is exuberant.

Contracted Spreads the Infection to Home Video

Eric England's Contracted (review), which grossed us out something fierce, has been available On Demand for a few months now, but we've just gotten word that it's headed to home video soon courtesy of IFC Films.

Almost Human Hits VOD; Read the Review!

IFC Midnight's latest acquisition, Joe Begos' stellar new flick Almost Human (review), is now available on VOD, and if you only do ONE THING this weekend, make watching it a priority!

Trent Shy Contracted for a New Poster

Stop-motion artist Trent Shy just checked in with his unique take on the poster for Eric England's Contracted, an itchy new flick that will make you question just how close you should get with your valentine today!